So, Cayman, exactly what do you know about everything?

Pub quizzes are designed to test the mettle of all sectors of the community and, as such, are a great way to stay sharp.

Even more so when you’ve got a pint in your hand – Weekender reckons this is key to a balanced life.

In the case of the latest Cayman Islands Humane Society Pub Quiz, there’s also a good cause involved as the proceeds go to help the great work that the animal shelter does for the pooches and moggies of Grand Cayman.

Pete Carlowe is quizmaster for the bash, which takes place at Fidel Murphy’s on Thursday, 13 December, says our mate Justine Riseley.

“About two years ago now, I decided to try to do something about our overcrowding and try to find some shelters in the US that might consider taking some of our adult dogs,” she explains of the motivations behind the quizzes.

“I started a year-long project to find no-kill shelters in locations where Cayman Airways flies. It took over six months from the start of my searching before I brought up our first batch of dogs to a shelter in Fort Lauderdale. We brought 10 dogs altogether, which consisted of three big adults, two brothers – one of which had a serious heart condition – three “teenager” males, who were about 6 months at the time, and two little puppies. Even though Cayman Airways very generously flies our dogs for free, there are still costs associated with transferring dogs like the flights for the accompanying people and vaccinations for the dogs.”

Covering the costs

Subsequent to finding this shelter in Fort Lauderdale, Justine also made a connection with another no-kill shelter in New York, which was happy to help the Humane Society, she says.

“To date, we have sent 62 dogs to this shelter, which is staggering that they have helped us to this extent but again, the costs are high for the flights for the people, rabies shots, other vaccinations and the journey itself.

“In order to try to cover these costs so that the shelter would not have to pay out, I started to organise the pub quizzes to help pay for these transfers.

“We average about $1,000 in takings from each quiz which is a combination of the $10 per person entrance fee and the raffle ticket sales and to date, we have taken in nearly $10,000 from the quizzes,” she says.

Justine says she would like to thank everybody who attends the quizzes, which are usually on the third Thursday of the month, as well as the likes of Jacques Scott, Heineken, Appleton and Fidel Murphy’s, all of whom donate great prizes,

Help keep those numbers flowing and get that grey matter working at the same time on Thursday, 13 December at 7pm.

Teams are a maximum of six people and there are great prizes for first, second and third place.

Call Fidel Murphy’s to reserve a table at 949-5189 or e-mail [email protected]

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