Editorial for 17 December: Now is time for statesmanship

Nero fiddled while Rome burned.

Premier McKeeva Bush went to Jamaica to
receive an honourary doctorate degree and deliver a commencement speech on
integrity while his own integrity and that of the Cayman Islands was in
question last week.

He didn’t receive the honourary degree, but
he did give the speech.

While Mr. Bush hasn’t been charged with anything
– and we do assume his innocence until and if he is found guilty of anything –
the spectre of negativity cast upon our territory by those who would wish us
harm isn’t good. For Mr. Bush to leave our shores while this veil of negativity
is hanging over the Cayman Islands wasn’t the decision we would expect from a
leader who has our best interests at heart.

Yes, he was invited, although it appears
the university had already made other arrangements if he didn’t show up. In any
case, just because you’re invited to an event, people do understand when
circumstances – especially those as important as the reputation of you and your
country – change and cause you to cancel your acceptance.

Yes, Mr. Bush was greeted back home to well
wishers on Friday night. We welcome him home, but as of Sunday afternoon the
future of the Cayman Islands was still up in air. That’s not good.

We bear in mind that the current flux could
very well be a precursor to yet another “Operation Tempura” exercise by the
United Kingdom.

If it is, shame on those who have yolked it
around our necks and let us be a bit wiser in the future. We are still at the
beck and call of the UK. If they are making bad decisions on our behalf – and
that of our premier – we must be prepared to do something about it.

Whatever the truth of the matter, we expect
the man we chose to lead this territory to act in a statesman-like manner.

That doesn’t mean leaving our shores at a
critical time to glow in the light of the cameras and media of another country. 


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