Police losses embarrassing

What do we have here in these times when we hear about police smashing up the high priced cars and boats.

As if this is not bad enough, we also have a van and motor bike stolen from the police and not only are these costly machines stolen, but we do not have any information from the police asking for help from the public in the recovery of these machines.

I ask what else has gone missing from the Police Department that has not been reported to us, John Q. Public. As I read about these crimes that have gone on for months without any reports from the RCIPS about these crimes, at the same time they want all of us to help them by doing our civil duty by coming to them or calling them to report criminal matters.

It is a big disgrace and a great shame to know this is the way our Police Department conducts itself in this way.

The Cayman Islands Government must find funds to buy these very expensive autos and boats and the don’t care attitudes that the police have, the careless way they conduct themselves, no wonder the crime wave is rampant on Cayman.

They may not like what I write about them.

They should have found those two women that went missing, but they do not care about the public.

No I must say that there are a few police officers that are not crooks and pirates like for example officer McFarlin who works mostly on the waterfront. He should be an inspector by now. Many who are there now as inspectors and sergeants cannot come close to his honesty and the work he does as a police. We cannot have so many criminal acts being conducted by members of our RCIPS and at the end of the day, buy them the new turbo charged cars and high speed boats.

Those of you that are there just to fill your pockets with money from government and criminal acts; you know who you are, busting men and women on the streets just to fulfil your creed, but sooner or later your crooked deed will be exposed.

Tempura cost our people millions, but corruption still goes on in the RCIPS. People that are placed in positions of trust that betray that trust and the people that trust them cannot be any good for our country and its people.

We cannot afford anymore disgrace on top of the people of the Cayman Islands. We need to screen all members of the RCIPS, from the top to the bottom, and all of its members need to be in that fingerprint system that the deputy governor is putting in place. All members that are found guilty of any type of crime should be kicked out of the force and if he or she is not a Caymanian, should be deported from our Islands and if they have residence or status, it should be stripped and they should never be allowed to return to Cayman at all in the future.

Now for any Caymnian police that are part of this crime wave and corruption, you need to be placed in Northward prison for a very long time.

We must put our foot down here in Cayman against the wrong things members of the RCIPS do that is wrong. This goes for all members of our government, too.

Now here is the million dollar question, how can a van and a motorcycle be stolen from the RCIPS and we hear about it months later? What a big joke. Maybe it was used for criminal activity.

Anyway, it is another slap in the face of the RCIPS. Maybe it’s time to clean up the bad members inside the RCIPS. In order for this to happen we need to put in place a real task force to do the job. God knows we cannot afford to go down any lower in the eyes of the world.

Emile S. Levy

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