Barefoot’s back on the beach

After a 14-year absence from performing regularly on the west side of Grand Cayman, the Barefoot Man along with Chuck and Barrie will be returning to play at The Wharf every Saturday night, starting on Saturday, 22 December. He has not left East End’s Reef Resort completely, he tells us, noting that he still performs there Thursday evenings.

After a 23-year stretch at the Old Holiday Inn – where The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman is now located – George “Barefoot” Nowak moved to Rum Point for several years before making a move to the Reef Resort where he’s been for 12 years performing his mix of calypso, country and original lampoons on local issues. “The Wharf seaside location is perfect for me” says Barefoot.

“It’s a popular spot with the tourists and that’s type of audience I cater music to, I won’t be as wild and crazy as the old Holiday Inn days, but we’re going to have lots of fun.”

Joining him will be the Chuck and Barrie portion of the Sea n’ B Band, who also accompany Barefoot during his off-island performances.

Barefoot’s also updated his 1988 book, “Which Way to the Islands” with “more stories, more photos and more fun”. It’s now available from Amazon and Kindle, he tells us. His new CD “Sand Dollars” is also nearly out – watch for an actual street date on that one.

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