Bush: ‘Minority government’ is unconstitutional

the newly formed five member ‘minority government’ a “sham Cabinet”, ousted
Cayman Islands Premier McKeeva Bush accused Governor Duncan Taylor Thursday
night of acting unconstitutionally in approving the country’s current
governance arrangement.  

Bush also alleged that his 11 December arrest – about which he gave volumes of
detail – involved a conspiracy between Governor Duncan Taylor, Royal Cayman
Islands Police Commissioner David Baines and the UK Foreign and Commonwealth

fully expect that I will be charged….any time prior to the election,” Mr. Bush
told a crowd of hundreds gathered to hear him speak outside the George Town
courts building. It was his first public speaking appearance since his arrest
and subsequent ousting on 18 December following a no confidence vote in the
Legislative Assembly. 

Bush said that he refuted allegations made against him involving both
corruption-related offences and theft, for which he has been arrested but not
charged.  The former premier
revealed that the nature of the corruption allegations surrounded the ownership
of a local company – Midland Acres – that imported large quantities of
explosives into Grand Cayman earlier this year without the proper permits. 

Bush was not directly involved in the importation of those explosive devices.
However, he did write to customs officials asking them to release the blasting
materials even though the proper permits for their importation had not been

theft accusations, Mr. Bush read through a list of items contained in a search
warrant that was executed at his West Bay home on 11 December. Some of these
items, he said – including books, ceramics and canvass bags – had been
purchased in London for various reasons. Some involved small gifts to staff
members. The books were purchased to bolster a reference library for the
premier’s office, he said. 

to rumours, I did not resist the search,” Mr. Bush said, adding that he was not
allowed to remain in the home when police searched it. 

Bush said the appointment of a five-person minority government to run Cayman’s
affairs until the 22 May elections represented an “undemocratic and
unconstitutional decision” by Governor Taylor. 

constitution can’t be half right and half wrong,” Mr. Bush said. “It can’t be
right to revoke my appointment, but say that five Cabinet members is a

is ultra vires [Latin phrase meaning ‘outside the law’] the rules of the
constitution. I am going to insist that the constitution must be upheld.” 

see much more on this story in Monday’s editions of the Caymanian Compass…. 



  1. Of course the British are all at fault…….there are at least 2 positions at the top that Jamaicans need to fill.

    The recent hiring of the prison officers clearly show despite human rights, there is positive discrimination to hire persons of a specific nationality where is the Deputy Governor on this issue?

  2. For God sake Bush drop it you are doing damage to the country internationally; you profess to love. We don’t want you can’t you understand plain English, or does your self interest come before your country and people.

  3. After going to the meeting on Thursday night, I am now much more convinced that this was nothing else but a big witch Hunt between the Governor the Commissioner of Police and someone else in the UK.
    Further more I am very disapointed in the move made by Juliana Rolston, cline, Mark and Dwayne. I feel they were all set up by a clan to take the lead of doing this dirty job for the UK, The UK will now fold their arms and said it was them who outs the Premier and not they the UK. Blind like mice were you all for not standing along side the Premier. I do hope you realize the whole Cayman is against you and your names will always be led traitors and rats.How can we trust you all again. You have bitten the hand that fed you. In fact if you go through the house you will find that most have done that. A terrible shame on you all.

  4. It sounds to me like that lawyer is gonna fix all of the mess he created using fancy words like ultra vires
    Sad thing is that they are still running to him for advice.

  5. There is no doubt in my mind that this is a conspiracy plot against Bush. Are you kidding me.

    If he loves Cayman as much as he prefesses, he will bow out and let the world get on with business. But NO Bush wants to look after himself and the devil with Cayman. I think at heart, Bush is a Brit and just doesnt like us, lol.

    SO get on with it. In a short time anyway, people will be saying McKeeva who?

  6. Maybe CUC could rename their power generation plant, The McKeeva Bush Plant, on account of their joint ability to lose power?

    The new road could also be called the Rolston Anglin Justice Bypass?

  7. Actually Mac may be on to something here. It depends on what criteria the Constitution uses for political party membership (which incidentally political parties are now enshrined in our Constitution).

    The definition is vague and there doesn’t seem to be anything that speaks to changing parties once elected to the LA. Perhaps Mac’s crossing the floor was not merely melodramatic but the official constitutional indication that he and the other 3 weren’t part of the ruling party any longer so there was no party majority in the LA.

    In this case, it appears to me that Clause 49. (3) should have applied and the Speaker should have taken a vote of all the elected members for the post of Premier and the member receiving the majority of votes appointed Premier by HE.

    Another possible instance perhaps where our Constitution was not (well) scrupulously followed by HE (Can anyone say Dan Dugay?).

    Brings to mind Capt. Barbossa’s words, …the code is more what you’d call guidelines than actual rules. Welcome aboard the Black Pearl.

  8. If memory serves, Mr Bush engineered a majority to from his first administration, by effectively splitting his group. If so, he can hardly complain when it’s done to him.

  9. I vaguely recall Big Bush hinting that he may not run in the 2013 elections. In essence, what has unfolded this week, should have helped him confirm that thought.
    Now let’s get on business, real business, and put history where it belongs, in the past.

    Bye Bye McBushie

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