Clifton school and students

Thank God we have finished that school and it is now serving the children of Cayman, although it cost us all a lot of money.

It has been completed; such a beautiful school. I only wish when I was going to school as a young student I had such a pretty school to go to. But I and all the rest of the students of secondary modern loved the school we had to attend. Back in those days education was something that was a must, for we had strict parents and teachers that were more strict. You were not in that school to play foolish games; you could get the strap put on your butts for something as simple as chewing gum in school or for not paying attention to what the 
teachers were teaching.

Then, if this was not enough, if the teacher had to use the strap on you, a note was sent home to your parents telling them about how you behaved in class and most of the time your parents would use their special strap on you.

Trust me when I say their strap was a long Tamarind switch and that would hurt twice as much as the teacher’s strap.

So, to all the students at this new Clifton Hunter High school, remember you are not exposed to these things we went through as students in the old days. You have one of the most advanced and beautiful schools in the Cayman Islands’ history that cost all of us a great 
deal of money.

Now the people of this whole country are asking all the students to help to pay us back for it by getting a good education, being respectful to your teachers, taking good care of the school and making your parents proud.
Forget about you mobile phones and respect yourself in the way you dress going to school.

Do not litter the school in any way, shape for form. Students of Clifton Hunter, you are the future of Cayman like all the other students in the other schools, but you must compete with all the other schools to be the very best in Cayman.

Although the people that had the original ideas to build that school spent a great deal of money and had to put up a fight to have it built, it’s very clear to all on Cayman this was something that not only was needed, but this was a big plus for the children in Bodden Town, East End and North Side. I want to know why it took so long for the people in the eastern parts of Grand Cayman to get this new and well needed school.

But it should be very clear to all of us in the east just how much we are being left out of the progress on Cayman. Demand more for all of us that live in the east. After all, we are the ones that paved the way for the rest of the Cayman Islands to do well.

Emile S. Levy

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