Civil servants graduate with pride

Graduation is a milestone in life.  

For the 29 graduates of the Civil Service College, their accomplishment occurred on Saturday, 17 December at the University College of the Cayman Islands Sir Vassel Johnson Hall.  

This is the second graduation ceremony held by the Civil Service College. Each graduate was commended by senior government and university officials. This year saw seven students graduating with their associate’s degree in public administration and five earned a certificate in public administration. Another 17 students who received their ILM Leadership & Management Award. 

The Civil Service College provides learning opportunities for Cayman Islands government employees by offering an associate’s degree programme as well as a certificate programme through its partnership with UCCI. The college also offers online training. 

Deputy Governor Franz Manderson, who has responsibility for overseeing the Cayman Islands civil service, said, “I am proud of each and every one of you tonight. Your commitment to personal development is a critical component for our future development in the civil service.” 

Mr. Manderson added, “It is imperative that as civil servants each of us seize the chance to improve ourselves and our environments. I am happy to say that the civil service college caters to all levels and that we continue to provide each and every civil servant with the opportunity to keep focused on self-improvement.”  

Class valedictorian Beverly Sullivan challenged her fellow graduates, saying, “Change will be inevitable, and as we embark on new projects with our new skills we recognise that we have changed for the better. As classmates and civil servants, let us stand united to celebrate our accomplishments.” 

The commencement address was given by past graduate Jason Azan.  

“Congratulation’s on accomplishing your goal, on your steps to achieving a higher education. You are now all a part of the legacy of the CSC success,” Mr. Azan said. “In retooling yourselves you will positively impact your job and by extension your country.” 

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