Road campaigns vie to keep streets safe

Both the police and the Cayman Islands Road Safety Advisory Council are working to keep Cayman’s roads safer this holiday period.

Aileen Samuel, chairwoman of the advisory council, and volunteers took their “Don’t Drink and Drive” message to bars and restaurants throughout Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac this week, distributing cards with numbers of taxi companies so people who over-indulge over Christmas will have the numbers handy and can call a cab to get them home safely.

“We’re handing them out over two nights,” Ms Samuel said. Meanwhile, the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service road safety campaign, titled “Stay Alive”, is still in effect.

Last week, police ticketed 17 people for speeding, nine for using cell phones while driving and four for not wearing seat belts. An additional 44 offences were also ticketed.

During that week, there were also 20 road traffic accidents. According to police, since the start of the campaign on 30 November, there have been 24 driving under the influence arrests and 230 traffic tickets issued for various offences. Police also issued 75 tickets for speeding.

The police’s Stay Alive campaign will run until Friday, 4 January.

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