118 crashes during road safety campaign

Since the start of the police’s Stay Alive road safety campaign on 30 November, there have been 118 accidents on Cayman’s roads.

In addition, police arrested 28 drivers for DUI offences during the campaign, which continues until Friday, 4 January.

Police have also issued tickets to 100 people for speeding, 41 others for using cell phones while driving, 87 for not wearing seat belts and 256 for other road traffic offences.

Superintendent Adrian Seales is urging New Year revellers to be responsible.

”We want everyone to have a great time tonight and to bring in 2013 safely,” he said. “If you are going out tonight and you plan to drink, then please make the right decision; either designate a driver or use a taxi/ bus. Let’s work together to make this New Year one to remember – for all the right reasons.”

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  1. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t this 118 reported accidents? If so the real total is probably much higher.

    On islands with a total area of just over 100 square miles, no major roads as such and a maximum speed limit of 50mph this is more than slightly worrying.

    In the UK I live in a county with an area of over 2000 square miles and a population of more than 900,000 that is criss-crossed with major roads but we average just 200 reported accidents a month. This is despite the fact that in winter the narrow back roads where I live, which are pretty bad at any time, turn into skating rinks.

    What I find curious is that the standard of driving here is not that much worse than Grand Cayman. In fact in some ways it can be better.

    I suspect the big difference is that where I live you wouldn’t be allowed to run a significant proportion of the private vehicles, and probably most of the commercial vehicles, currently in use on the Cayman Islands on our roads because they would fail basic safety checks.

    In addition I know from experience when I lived out there that many of the tyres in use are little than black and round. Even if they have plenty of visible tread their stopping and cornering abilities are at best limited.

    And RCIPS, just 28 DUI busts? Out of how many roadside breath tests? It’s not the results that count but, as any UK force will tell you, how many people you actually test.