Dog race gets them wagging

Dog lovers are in strict training for the annual event which leaves organisers barking mad if there are any problems.

Sunday 3 March is the provisional date for the next running of the annual K9 5k, presented by CARE (Cayman Animal Rescure Enthusiasts).

The corresponding date last year at Camana Bay was the venue for an opportunity for dog lovers to show off their pets or borrow one from the Humane Society to participate in the K9 5K Dog Jog presented by CARE. Equally, the opportunity was provided for pets to demonstrate how well they had trained their owners.

There were dogs of all sizes-small enough to carry in a large purse and some big enough to ride on. Long-haired, short-haired, shaggy, shaven – all made an appearance. There were almost as many dogs as people and they almost made as much noise.

Unaccompanied by a Rhodesian Ridgeback, Marius Acker strode to a second weekend distance victory at Camana Bay in a time of 18 minutes 58 seconds. Ray Welds made the double loop tour in 19:48, while Mark Tilly clocked in third among the males and fourth overall at 20:44.

Claire Critchley opted not to be encumbered by a Canadian husky, although she did jog with a dog after her triumph in the ladies division, as she posted a time of twenty minutes flat.