Sketching for life workshop begins at National Gallery

A course on how to sketch will run on Wednesday evenings at 6pm from 9 January through 13 March at the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands in Grand Cayman. 

Sketching, says the National Gallery blurb, is the most uplifting way to paint and is a great way to learn how to paint. Because of the quick way in which sketches are executed, they often have more energy and dynamism than a highly finished work – indeed some of the old masters’ sketches are sometimes preferred to their exhibition paintings. 

This course will teach you various techniques such as pencil and pen drawing, watercolour washes, wet-on-wet, dry brush and how to choose the different qualities of papers specific to each medium. You will be encouraged to explore these methods in short 30-minute drawings and to record them in a sketchbook. 


World tour 

Instructor John Broad attended Edinburgh College of Art for his degree in painting and drawing and gained his teaching qualification from the University of London. Since then, he has travelled the world and held many exhibitions.  

In 2004, he created the “Wall of History”, a joint National Gallery and Quincentennial committee commission on three walls alongside the Courthouse in Georgetown which was presented to Prince Andrew. In 2008, he exhibited in the London Underground and on the Pillars of Berlin.  

John is also well known for having mastered the technique of speed painting, with which he helped raise large sums of money for various fundraising events, the latest one being at The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman’s Tour de France event.  

With a passion and a lifelong habit of sketching and drawing daily, John recently exhibited his works in Camana Bay in a solo exhibition titled “From Sketch to Canvas”, whereby preliminary sketches were displayed alongside finished paintings. John has taught art at many schools in Grand Cayman, including John Gray High School, St. Ignatius and Triple C. He was also invited by the University College of the Cayman Islands to design their syllabus for the fall semester and to teach a class on watercolour. 

The course runs for nine sessions from Wednesday, 9 January through to Wednesday, 13 March with a break on Wednesday, 13 February. It begins at 6pm and ends at 7.30pm. Fees are $198 for members and $222 for nonmembers and classes are limited to 15 students. Please refer to the National Gallery website or e-mail [email protected].ky for additional information.