Three robberies, stabbing Monday night

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A George Town jewellery store, a Savannah liquor store and an individual in West Bay were all robbed Monday night within four hours of one another.

Royal Cayman Islands Police gave no indication whether any of the attacks – which occurred between 6.45pm and 10.40pm Monday – were related. The heists all occurred in different districts of Grand Cayman and the suspects appeared to have used different weapons to commit their crimes.

In the latest incident, police said two robbery suspects held up a man at the four-way junction on Town Hall Road in West Bay.

According to police, the man showed up at West Bay Police Station, bleeding from the throat. He was able to tell police that two men had attacked and robbed him of $9.

He was taken to hospital in serious condition and had to undergo emergency surgery, police said. The man was not able to give officers a description of his attackers.

An hour and a half earlier, around 9.15pm, two men armed with a machete and a gun held up the Reflections Liquor-4-Less store in Savannah.

The Reflections store recently opened in the Savannah area with extended hours until 10pm.

No shots were fired in the hold up and police had no reports of anyone being injured. They did not state what the armed suspects took from the store.

The men fled on foot following the robbery. There were no reports of any arrests.

Two and a half hours prior to the Reflections robbery in Savannah, the Kirk Freeport jewellery store in the Strand shopping centre on West Bay Road was robbed.

Officers there said four robbery suspects entered the store around 6.45pm, one of whom brandished a handgun, threatening staff.

Police said the suspects got away with “a large amount of jewellery”.

A search of the area was under way Monday night, but there had been no reports of any arrests being made. No one was hurt at the Kirk Freeport store during the robbery, police said.

Anyone with information about any of the robberies is asked to contact the following numbers:

*For the Kirk Freeport store robbery call George Town Criminal Investigation Department at 949-4222 or Crime Stoppers at 800-8477.

*For the Reflections Liquor-4-Less robbery call Bodden Town Criminal Investigation Department at 947-2220 or 947-2240 or Crime Stoppers.

*For the West Bay stabbing contact West Bay Police Station at 949-3999 or Crime Stoppers.


Staff were locked in as police investigated the first of three robberies Monday night at Kirk Freeport in the Strand.
Photo: Norma Connolly


  1. Total chaos last night. Now they are robbing people for 9 man I hope they come accross the right person and get there (expletive) kicked! What a shame!Business owners should have a licence for a hand gun this has got to stop! I was at the strand last night and left just before the Kirk Freeport robbery thank the Lord for that.

  2. these robberies attack;s are getting WAY, out of hand! they seem to have started right after our vacation in jan of 2011! WHY don’t you ask for police help from the US??
    at this rate we will NEVER come to your island again. WHO wants to go some where like this. for your sack ask for MORE help!

  3. Why our punishment for robberies in the Courts are not preventing these re-offending hoodlums from crimes? Too many patting on the shoulders. Too much emphasis on human rights for criminals and none for the victims and potential victims. They commit these crimes with disdain and spend a couple months in H.M.P Her Majesty Posh hotel enjoying colour t.v., any meals they like, telephone privileges and laugh in your face when they come out. They don’t mind going back again. Their standard of living is higher than the average Caymanian with full medical privileges, while some hard working people cannot afford health insurance. Pathetic!!!!!!!

  4. What are the descriptions of these suspects? If the public knew the descriptions, perhaps this would enable those criminals to be apprehended much quicker. Get the descriptions out to the public as soon as possible! Cameras are placed at each stop light and in other areas around the island, check the tapes for any suspicious activity. We need our islands to be crime free and safe for visitors as well as us and our children and families. This situation is very serious as we do not know where these criminals may pounce again. I pray that the criminals will be found and they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law which will discourage any other hero’s want-a-be (aka) losers to conduct this kind of absurd behaviour. They really need to take time out and read their Bible, for it says that what is done in the dark SHALL be brought to light and maybe they would think twice about attacking innocent people. These situations along with others are in my prayers and I am confident that those criminals will be caught, not because of the RCIPS professionalism or efficiency but because I serve a Mighty and Just God and the criminals might outsmart and escape the cops but they cannot outsmart and escape God! Fellow Caymanians as well as everyone living here or even just visiting, PRAY! Ask God for help, for the things which are impossible with man, are possible with God. We need to get back to our heritage, which is a Christian heritage as our forefathers respected everyone and lived a life that was humble and they were satisfied with what they had and was not envious of their neighbours and their possessions, likewise we too should do the same. I thank God in advance for answered prayer and for a resolution to this situation! Look out criminals, you’re under God’s microscope, he knows your address, your number and the crimes you have committed and you are about to be exposed and apprehended! HE’s got the Power!

  5. Need more help?

    We keep increasing officers (just got 50 from Ja) and security officers and yet they will argue they need more help, more resources for what? to hire more Jacan unemployed? Or is this another set up for more guns in Cayman? The last thing we need is armed officers who are too worried about stopping their own.

    Let’s get real Cayman.

    We need to start deporting, enforce maximum fines and start hiring more officers from the UK to clear up the nonchalant attitude of the majority of officers will be reluctant to police ‘their’ own. If we keep worrying about what a certain group of foreigners want we will all suffer so time to stop drinking that cool-aid!

  6. I recently watched a video on Changing your mind-CBC about people suffering from post traumatic stress disorders. A grown man describes how 15 years of his life were taken away after a violent robbery at the store he worked. Heart breaking. The fact the someone was attacked is more serious than media or police are trying to present, even if little physical harm was done. It is a shame that nothing is being done with the amount of available police force. The attackers could be easily figured out (by eliminating women, children, most expats,etc)on the island as small as Grand Cayman and with the help of modern technology and bright minds are caught in action. I mean modern technology allows to track every step of every person. Why this is not happening? Isn’t it time to ask for help in US or UK?

  7. Let’s see, in the span of just one week Cayman is losing a huge percentage of the cruise ship visitors as Carnival (and others soon to follow, mark my words) is opting for other destinations in lieu of Cayman, for a large number of their ports of call in 2013. Then follow that up with three robberies, and a stabbing at 3 separate locations in Cayman last night. All in all, Cayman better wake up and smell the stench of what is happening to their precious little island…Less tourism = higher crime = even less tourism and higher levels of poverty. The government needs to wake up and get tough enforcement policies on crime and easier policies on imigration and tourism. Add that to the high cost of living, and the exchange rate between the KYD and USD, Yikes! At this rate, anybody with disposable income and the desire to travel to the Caribbean is going to be looking for another Safer, More Accessable (i.e. cruise ship ports/boardwalk) and Less Expensive destination other than Cayman. Wake Up!!!

  8. Knives, Guns, Machettes are not the problem – weak enforcement policy and no threat of punishment is the issue. If the criminals were actually scared of the consequences of their actions, they would reconsider commiting these crimes. It’s no different then a spoiled child..If the parent refuses to punish them ever time they do something wrong, what is to stop them from repeating the same actions over and over. Let the police enforce and punish these criminals, then watch what happens. Give the police guns, stun guns or even batons. If they thought they would get a severe (expletive} Kicking or even die if they tried to commit a crime such as murder, rape or robbery – they would seriously think twice.

  9. Yes throughthewire, that makes perfect sense. Ban all knives. It’s obvious that having no guns on the island has stopped the criminals from having them, right? What you’ve done is disarmed the good guys and given guns to the criminals – nice work. Criminals have nothing to fear … robbing people who obviously aren’t armed.

  10. Fact is that Cayman is one of the safest places to commit these types of crimes..I am sure these guys feel it’s like taking candy from a baby..I mean for real, even with 50 new cops what are they really supposed to do if they interupt a robbery in progress, shine their flashlights in the crooks face. Funny how even with the high rate of crime in the hood in New Jersey, there are very few Stores robbed. Why do you ask do crooks think twice about robbing a store here..Answer it for yourself..

    The RCIPS is no doubt just waiting and hoping for this pass as they do every year.

  11. A message for the idiotic 4-Way robbers, the number you are looking for is four dollars and fifty cents. This is how much you should each have when you divide the cash up, if you have less than this, ask your friend why.

    The Kirk Freeport robbers, is this a joke? How many idiots does it take to fit a lightbulb stylee? You’d think with 4 suspects, on an island this small, the chances of finding one or more of them must increase exponentially?

    Liquor store robbers…really? is this as original as you can get? holding up a liquor store??? it is up there with gas stations in terms of ‘prestige’.

  12. In respect of the Reflections robbery, Defence Lawyers will no doubt make a big deal about the fact that no shots were fired and no-one injured in attempt to get a light sentence.

    We must stop putting the rights of the criminal above the rights of the public. If someone makes a conscious choice to be an Outlaw they must realise their rights will be subsidiary to the rest of society who choose to live within the law.

    We have come to the point where the exemplary part of justice has been lost and the sentence is simply a punishment for the perpetrator, it does not send a message to others who may be contemplating similar acts.

    If they source a weapon, it is pre-meditated – they have thought about it in advance – and yet still think it’s a good idea!

    Why? – there are so many escape routes for them that they don’t see a direct consequence of jail time as being the inevitable result of their actions.

    Maybe no-one identifies them,
    Maybe someone does but can be intimidated so as not to testify,
    Maybe some evidence is missed or can be tainted by a clever lawyer,
    Maybe someone will give them a false alibi
    Maybe they can leave the country

    Even if they are arrested and charged they probably believe a trial is no foregone conclusion. Even at the point where a custodial sentence is given, there is always grounds for appeal, early release, parole, and time off for good behaviour.

    Prisoners should live no better than the poorest member of society. Take away the TV’s and give them BOOKS. Have them e.g.sort Garbage for recycling.

    On an island of 50,000 people, if a violent criminal causes everyone to lose a just half a nights sleep to worry, that is over 200,000 man hours. In years that is about 23 years – so is a 10 year sentence appropriate…

  13. If or when they’re caught and proven guilty, surely there’s enough deep water around Cayman to make sure they don’t reoffend and a bag a rocks would be far cheaper than a stay at the Northward hotel.

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