Editorial for 09 January: Crime is alive and well in CI

If we don’t know it, we can’t report it.

That statement has to do with everything we print in the
Caymanian Compass, especially articles about crimes.

From time to time someone in the editorial department will
get an e-mail or a telephone call asking why something hasn’t been reported in
the newspaper. Usually that something is a criminal act and it’s the victim
wanting to know why it wasn’t reported.

More often than not it’s because the police chose not to
tell us about the incident(s).

We can only surmise why some criminal activity is reported
to us by police and some isn’t. Maybe if they don’t report it, it will go
unknown and potential tourists won’t be worried about their safety in future

Maybe if it isn’t reported the criminals will stop their
illegal activity because they aren’t getting notoriety; although we seriously
doubt that view.

We hope it isn’t reported because the Royal Cayman Islands
Police Service wants to keep crime statistics low, giving a false impression of
criminal activity in the Islands.

Gone are the days when something negative occurred in the
Islands and it was swept under the rug, kept hush-hush. Social media is alive
and well in the Cayman Islands and victims of crime are not only letting us
know what’s happening, but they are alerting the world via social media like
Facebook, Twitter and even archaic e-mail.

We’ve been made aware of at least two attacks on Seven Mile
Beach that, while reported to police, never made it to the general public’s

Add to that the rash of robberies we’ve been experiencing in
Grand Cayman and it’s evident that crime is a problem here.

We are thankful that the three people involved in the Seven
Mile Beach attacks are safe and would remind anyone who faces a would-be thief
to give them your material possessions and get away as safely as possible.

If crime is escalating in Grand Cayman, we all need to know
about it so we can be better prepared.

Ignoring crime in the Cayman Islands isn’t going to make it
go away.