Cabinet heading to the Brac


The interim government is taking its Cabinet to Cayman Brac next week. 

Cayman Islands Premier Juliana O’Connor-Connolly said Cabinet would meet on the Brac on Tuesday, 15 January. 

She said this was not the first time Cabinet had met on the Sister Island, but it would be the first time that this government’s Cabinet has gathered there. 

“We believe Cayman Brac is an integral part of the Cayman Islands and that the persons there should have an opportunity to meet and greet Cabinet members, which will include His Excellency the Governor [and] the official members,” said Ms O’Connor-Connolly, who is an elected representative of for the Sister Islands of Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. 

She said that, time permitting, Cabinet members would visit the rest home, the uniformed branch, schools and Faith Hospital on the island. 

“The people are very receptive that we’re taking, very early in our term, an opportunity to come to the Brac,” the premier said. 

She added that Cabinet would also consider visiting Little Cayman at some point. 

Next stop London 

Cabinet members will also discuss next week going further afield.  

The United Kingdom’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office has invited Ms O’Connor-Connolly and Deputy Premier Rolston Anglin to visit London to meet Overseas Territories Minister Mark Simmonds. 

The premier said there would be a meeting with ministers on Monday morning, 14 January, to determine who will be included in the delegation to London and the agenda. 


  1. What a waste of money and time to go to the Brac and then taking a trip to London. The current cabinet only has 4 months left, so stay home and deal with current issues and save the tax payers 50,000 on 1st class air and accommodations.

  2. No other Cabinet went to the Brac before!! The Premier is only taking this meeting to the Brac because she’s afraid that the Brackers will not vote for her in May 2013…trying to pull wool over their eyes.

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