Teen arrested in throat cutting

19-year-old man was arrested Friday afternoon in connection with what police
said was an attempted murder and robbery in West Bay Monday.  

said the teen was arrested on suspicion of robbery and attempted murder, but
had not been charged. 

60-year-old man walked into West Bay Police Station Monday night after having
his throat slashed in the incident, which occurred near the four-way stop on
Town Hall Road around 9.15pm Monday. 

said the man was robbed for the $9 he had in his pocket. 

has been recovering in hospital this week and was able to talk with police
about what happened that night. 


Armed robbery


  1. RCIP!!!!! Where are you and what are you doing? Where is that CURFEW that could help stop this kind of foolishness? What about patrollling the streets??? Community WATCH?? Where are those extra officers that were supposed to be here and what abot that Gang Expert that was supposed to be here? Someone better get cracking….you think Carnival is going to pull out think about the more exclusive ships getting wind of this activity. Robberies, throat slashing,missing persons,aremed burgularly, rapes, the lawlessness is excessive…..RCIP get on it and get cracking now.

    Editor’s note: In fairness to the RCIPS, they did make an arrest in this case and also in connection with the Kirk Freeport robbery.

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