Great caregivers at hospital

It was not until I got very sick and had to be rushed to the Cayman Hospital and spent more than two weeks there that I got to understand just how much the caregivers at the hospital do for you, from those that pick you up at your home in an emergency to the ones that come into your room to take away the trash daily.

Around the clock they are there to assist you with whatever. I also looked at the hospital here in cayman as a scary place to go, but I met let all on Cayman know this is not so.

The doctors and nurses, porters, surgeons, cleaners; they work real hard for all of us, doing their very best to help us get better.

I went down in my house and had to call the people on 911. They dispatched an ambulance to my house where they found me so sick I could not even remember them taking me out of my house to the hospital. I was in great danger and had to have an emergency operation on my appendix, which had gone bad.

After the operation, which went well, I woke up in the surgery ward and to my surprise was still alive with people buzzing around me, asking ‘Mr. Levy how do you feel’. I was so weak and groggy I managed to say something to them like ‘where am I’? Then someone said to me ‘you are in the hospital. You had an operation’.

After a few hours that I was awake I started to feel the effects of the cut that was made from the operation, but there was the nurse buzzing around me and giving me pain medication and taking checks on my heartbeat, chest and other parts of me.

As I felt better day to day, I noticed for myself just how much was being done for me at the hospital by all the people that worked there. I also got to understand that there is a special programme that is in place for young people who are trying to pursue their dream in the medical field with hands-on learning. This was so nice to see the young people coming and checking different things about me day to day. At a push of a button the nurse is there for you or answers you on the intercom. This also was so very nice.

Now there was a time in my life that I did not believe that the Cayman Hospital was very backward and that the services there were not up to par, but this is not so. By saying this, I mean they may not be able to do for you here all that can be done for you like in the so very advanced USA hospitals, but they are trying their very best to improve. I guess one day soon we will be up there in that same position in the medical field like America is today. After all, we moved from thatched huts to standing seam topped houses in such a short time. We must try and support the people working at our hospital as much as possible. We must do all we can do to upgrade our hospital for sooner or later all of us may find ourselves there one day sick in the hospital and have to be taken care of by the caregivers that work there helping us to get better.

And to all of those young people that are trying to be doctors, surgeons, nurses or someone else that have to do with working in the hospital, do not let anything turn you around. Push hard with your education, for we all need you to fulfil the positions at the hospital in the future.

I write giving all the caregivers a word of thanks. Please keep up the good work and may God bless you that you may always do your very best for all of us who comes your way at the hospital of the Cayman Islands or wherever you are a caregiver.

Thank you sincerely and God bless.

Emile S. Levy