Roy McTaggart jumps in the race

Former KPMG Managing Partner in the Cayman Islands Roy McTaggart is tossing his hat in the political ring for May 2013.

Mr. McTaggart, who just retired last year from the accounting firm, said he would stand for office in George Town where he grew up and his father ‘Uncle Bill’ McTaggart’s hardware store is located.

“Over the last few years, I, like my fellow Caymanians, have seen our country being led off course by two successive governments that clearly lack the ability to lead our country effectively,” Mr. McTaggart said. “In more recent times, the examples of overspending, allegations of corruption and a lack of competent leadership have led to increasing debt, fiscal deficits and dysfunction in government. It is time for Caymanians who are qualified and able, to step up and give back to a country and its people who have done so much, for so many, with so little.

“I will work to ensure that the people of George Town and the Cayman Islands are afforded every opportunity they need to earn their place in our community and I’ll put my financial experience to work for the people of the Cayman Islands, developing policies to grow our economy in a positive and sustainable way, put an end to excessive and wasteful spending – and ensure that we reinstate the high quality of life that our people once enjoyed, expect and deserve.”

Mr. McTaggart has identified some of the top issues of national importance as being;

*The growing unemployment rate of Caymanians.

*Building and improving on successful educational programs within the local schools to ensure the future for our fellow Caymanians within our businesses and communities.

*Re-establishing credibility and stability within our government and financial sectors.

Mr. McTaggart is a former chairman of the board at Cayman Airways, a member of the Commission for Standards in Public Life and chairman of the Young Caymanian Leadership Foundation. He has been active in many roles in the community from serving in several roles with the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce, including two years as president. He has also been the Treasurer of the Church of Christ.

Mr. McTaggart is married and is the father of three daughters.


  1. Currently the auditor general cannot substantiate the financial records of government.

    Wouldn’t it make sense to have a man with Roy’s qualifications as finance minister? My opinion is that we need an experienced CPA to address the issues of government revenue and expense accountability. Let’s move towards timely and unqualified audited government accounts so that the decisions of our government would be based on actual, timely information rather than thin air.

    Furthermore, let’s undertake an efficiency audit of government operations to identify waste and service ineficiencies. Let’s take the recommendations of these audits and establish sound financial and operational policies which will ensure the taxpayers get the most of their indirect tax contributions.

    Let’s use those cost savings to reduce taxation (such as energy taxes, import suties and give incentives to local businesses) to stimulate the much needed recovery the country needs.

  2. I look forward to hearing what Mr McTaggert suggests as possible solutions for the country’s financial woes as spending cannot be used to prime the pump of the Cayman economy.

  3. Excellent technical qualifications however effective public leader needs public administration background and people skills. Overspending, corruption , increasing debt, fiscal deficits are problems that cannot be solved by just a qualification of former financial expert or a church treasurer. Feasible solution should be laid down, for example in corruption, a plan to create anti-corruption commission; In infrastructure, a plan to adopt build to operate scheme.

  4. I guess the experience you think is needed leaves out a lot of people including some candidates who are lawyers and think they know everything.

  5. DonQuijote – are you saying that only former civil servants are qualified to run for office? Did McKeeva Bush have a public administration background when he first ran for office? In addition to technical qualifications we need integrity and strong ethics in our leaders. We need to decide whether we want to elect the guy that we would like to sit down have a beer with versus one who is competent to run the country. We have seen that having only people skills as your calling card seems to go hand in hand with corruption etc.

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