All Stars shine brightest of all

All Stars netball club has arguably the best local teams at the moment.

Their A and B squads remain unbeaten in the Cayman Islands Netball Association 2012-2013 open league. All Stars A would defeat the Jets 66-5 and the Flames Strikers 46-14 last week while All Stars B, sponsored by Cayman National Bank, would beat Optimists 55-8.

Both results at the Truman Bodden Sports Complex netball courts are encouraging for head coach/offensive player Nicola Williams.

“Overall, we are expecting big things from both teams this season,” Williams said. “It is too far to say (about the rest of the season) as a few changes have been made to what the initial season was supposed to be, so we will just have to wait and see.”

Both the A and B teams are undefeated at 4-0. Newcomer Tashena Parks has the A side, the reigning national champions, atop the top flight ahead of Lavern Ebanks’ 3-1 Storm Radarz and Marcia Moiten’s 3-2 Rising Stars A. The B squad, behind veteran Whonda Fuad, is tied with Melanie Lewis’ 4-0 Supa Storm in the second division.

A plethora of games took place last week to start the New Year. Unity beat the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service Renegades 31-20 before crushing Jets 62-19. Rising Stars A thrashed Renegades 74-4 before losing to Storm Radarz 43-37. Supa Storm beat sister club Storm Chaserz 51-14 while the Ernst and Young Hot Shots burned Island Heritage 44-3.

After the top three A teams, the rest of the standings feature 2-2 Strikers, 2-2 Unity, 1-3 Jets and 0-5 Renegades. The B ranks see 3-1 Rising Stars B, 2-2 Optimists, 2-3 Hot Shots, 0-4 Chaserz and 0-5 Island Heritage.

League matches continue on Thursday, 17 January, at Truman Bodden. At 6.45pm, the Optimists face Chaserz while Supa Storm battle Hot Shots. At 8pm, Rising Stars B challenge All Stars B.