Exodus – a movement of Caymanian artists

A new forum for musicians, poets and folks looking for a little stimulation via intellectually sophisticated entertainment, has emerged in the Cayman Islands every Thursday night from 9pm until midnight. 

Exodus, which is located in the old Spinnakers location, is the newest lounge along the West Bay Road corridor in Grand Cayman. It is being billed as a place to unwind that has a lighthearted feeling without the traditional focus of many bars on the island.  

One of the first nights to be promoted at Exodus will be a Thursday night event called “Artists in Motion,” which will feature musician Stuart Wilson playing a set of original acoustic numbers, written and composed by the artist. Stuart will be joined by other musicians such as Andy Blake and Kingsley Donalds, who are also known for their singer/songwriter styles.  

“This night is an overdue departure from the seedy bar culture that has evolved by default in our islands,” Stuart says. “The mind set is one of camaraderie, depth and development of people. Those who come through the door will avail themselves of an experience that will help them to transcend the cares of the day and let the imagination drift to soulful chord progressions, lyrics and melodies.” 

Tasked with organising the event, Stuart adds, “The night is really my baby, as I was asked to facilitate its creation. However, I thought it would be more beneficial to give all musicians in the Cayman Islands, who want to share in an intimate setting, the opportunity to do so. It was also important for me to have the night be a bit more inclusive of local flavours than the traditional jam nights taking place along Seven Mile Beach currently.” 

The night’s organisers said poetry will also play a major role in the evening’s offerings, as the spoken word culture has been growing in the Cayman Islands and those performers are always actively eager to find a platform to share their passion. 

“There is no doubt that the spoken word is of extreme importance to the arts. I believe there is much scope for growth in this area and we want the night to reflect that kind of depth,” Stuart says. 

He adds, “If you’re a musician or poet in the Cayman Islands and would like a forum to share your work and develop your craft with regard to performing, then this is for you. However, if you are one of the guys who are too good to improve and share with a level of humility and togetherness, then we would rather not have you.” 

Musicians and poets for Exodus’ Thursday night offering will be chosen on a weekly basis. 


Individuals interested in taking
 part in Exodus’ weekly Thursday
night event should contact 925-8569. Eligible candidates must be over 18.