LogicTV paving new ground with Cayman offerings

Logic officially launched on Tuesday, 8 January, LogicTV, which they describe as “Cayman’s most advanced TV experience”.

Features include high definition channels, Picture-in-Picture channel preview, RestartTV, CatchupTV, TotalHome DVR and Video On Demand, says Mike Edenholm, chief executive officer.

“LogicTV provides a unique interactive experience with an advanced technology, very different from the standard cable or satellite options commonly used today,” he says. “LogicTV channels are transmitted over high speed fibre optics cables and are not affected by strong winds, lightning or heavy rain.

“Included in LogicTV packages are RestartTV and CatchupTV making sure that you never miss your favourite programmes,” he adds. “The Total Home DVR feature lets you record and play back your shows from a single DVR from any room on any TV in your home, or pause it in one room and continue to watch in another.”

Grand Cayman Beach Suites has already installed LogicTV, notes Bill Powers, general manager.

“Being awarded the prestigious Cayman Islands’ leading hotel designation means that our guests can rightfully expect a higher standard of service and the best amenities a hotel can offer,” he says. “With its seamless installation LogicTV was a natural fit. We are the only hotel on the island to offer it. Combining LogicTV with our recent renovations make the Grand Cayman Beach Resort’s in-room experience second to none.”

Mr. Edenholm says that LogicTV would be offering pre-installation specials for those customers who sign up as the fibre optic cable is being laid. The specials include free installation and a Wi-Fi router, plus the first 100 customers to sign up will also receive an Apple TV.

“We will have three packages available at our launch starting with the Essential at $39, Standard at $60 and the Premium at $72 per month,” he says. “LogicTV’s channel line up is growing all the time and details will be released closer to the official launch.”