Parchment now roads chief

Paul Parchment is taking over as acting managing director of the National Roads Authority of the Cayman Islands until 30 June, according to a news release issued by the roads authority. 

Mr. Parchment assumed the role 1 January from Edward Howard, who had been in the post since late June 2012, after Managing Director Bryan Tomlinson’s employment with the authority ended. 

When Mr. Howard was acting managing director, Mr. Parchment became acting deputy managing director. 

Although Mr. Parchment is now the acting head of the roads authority, Mr. Howard retains his position as the authority’s deputy managing director, which he has been since the roads authority was created in 2004. Previously, Mr. Howard had a one-year stint as acting managing director in 2006. 

Both Mr. Parchment and Mr. Howard are engineers. 

Mr. Parchment joined the Cayman Islands civil service in 1988 as a technical assistant. 

“After 25 years of service to my country, I can still vividly recall my first days of hard surveying work in the hot sun in East End,” he said. “They say retrospection is often a futile activity, but to personally reflect on my humble beginnings in the then PWD Roads Division, and now to clearly realise exactly what the NRA has achieved in its short life gives me great hope for the future of the authority.  

“From initiating the Esterley Tibbetts Highway, to rebuilding much of roads after the passage of Hurricane Ivan, and commencing the East-West Arterial, I would like to believe that we have played a major role in the development of our country by maintaining and improving the conditions of our local roads infrastructure and adding major arterials to it when required,” he added. “I remain focused on my lasting ambition of furthering the development of the NRA to the point where the service we provide is second to none in the entire region.” 

Mr. Howard joined the civil service in 1989 as a planning assistant in the Planning Department. 


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