Courtisha keeps with honour

Courtisha Ebanks is establishing herself as one of the best college goalkeepers in the United Stages college system.

She continued to rack up the awards in her relatively short college career after being named to the Honourable Mention for the Soccer I All American Team.

Ebanks just got named on the shortlist of the National Junior College Athletic Association for 2012-13, an exceptional achievement considering she only started at South Georgia College last year.

Ebanks also plays outfield, for Elite when on Island, and admits that going between the posts was not her initial choice. Yet she excels there.

An elated Ebanks said: “I feel accomplished about my award. Of course I had no intentions of playing goalkeeper, but it happened to be and I do not regret becoming a keeper.”

Shenel Gall is doing brilliantly as a pro in Norway and there looks like many others who could make the grade too.

Ebanks is one of many women players of her generation doing exceptionally well in the US school system through football. The others include Emily Kelly at Division 1 Richmond College, Giselle Johnson (Barry College), Jessica Ebanks and Shanice Monteith at Division II National Champions University West Florida, Briana Hydes – (Southwestern College), Alyssa Chin (Stetson College), Ashani Francis (University of Toronto), Kimberly Rivers – (Abraham Baidwin College), Ariella Smith (Kennesaw State University) and Ashley Borde (Stetson College).

“Having this award as a freshman will give me a higher profile, giving me a variety of schools to choose from. It will open many doors for me educationally and professionally.

“My plans for my future in football is to get recruited at a Division 1 school, becoming well recognised throughout the world and becoming a professional footballer as well as being able to contribute well to the Cayman Islands national team and help us make it to the World Cup like we all dream of.”

Coach Thiago Cunha is technical director of the Cayman Islands women’s programme.

He said: “I’m very happy for Courtisha and all Cayman Islands women’s national players. They are representing Cayman islands very well.

“We worked very hard for it and all Cayman Islands team members should be proud of her nomination. 
“It’s amazing for a born Caymanian player be named to a Honourable Mention position on the Soccer I All – American Team. I know exactly what she had to do to be there.

“The women are representing these beautiful Islands with pride, honour and love. Education is everything in our lives, when they come back they will be helping our children’s in Cayman Islands.

We have the responsibility to help the Cayman Islands always shine overseas. I explained to all of our players the importance to educate themselves and become better.

“It’s fantastic to see all of them break barriers and developing so fast. I just want to say thanks the Cayman Islands Football Association and the Government for helping those players move forward with their lives.”