Local businessman ‘victimised’

Mario Rankine says he’s become a target because of his success

Mario Rankine, whose work truck was torched last week, told the Caymanian Compass he is being “targeted and victimised”. 

Mr. Rankine said the most recent incident, which took place on the night of 23 January, was simply another “vindictive act” motivated by people who had a problem with any success he has experienced over the past year. He explained the particular chain of events that he felt started the ill-feelings. 

“It was around about the early part of last year when I decided that I did not want to be suppressed and limited to live any other way than that way I want to enjoy my life. I bought some material items and that was kind of a coming out party after some of the deals I managed to procure in the early part of the year.” 

Many of Mr. Rankine’s business associations are well documented. They range from his involvement with a proposed oil refinery in the Cayman Islands to his company being one of the players in the development of a new road in the West Bay area. 

“I have done well and perception could have been anything,” noted Mr. Rankine. “I have now found out that openly expressing and living my life the way I dreamt of has come at a serious cost. Doing the things that make me happy has motivated people in my own society to victimize me to the point where I have been threatened to be robbed if I do not give the people money.” 

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In addition to the alleged attempts of extortion, Mr. Rankine said he has had the windows of both his Ferraris smashed, along with his apartment being broken into, two Rolex watches stolen and diesel and batteries stolen from his trucks. He said the damage on the semi truck that was torched was valued in the region of $45,000, adding that the truck did not have comprehensive insurance and was a total loss. Mr. Rankine said the young man who was driving the vehicle is now at a disadvantage with no job a family to feed.  

The matter has been reported to the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service and is under investigation. 

“I would encourage anyone who has worked for me to come forward and share any facts they may have about me not owing them anything. I have helped many and the reality is quite the contrary. It is funny to think that if I had owed someone, how is it that person has not taken legal action? They have singled me out because I chose to spend my money on things that make me happy. How much money do you have to owe someone for them to burn your livelihood?” 


Anyone with information regarding the burning of Mario Rankine’s dump truck should contact the RCIPS at 949-4222.  

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  1. Mario Rankine, as we would say in Cayman. you in trouble
    For persons to go that far with you, I suggest you begin thinking about what really caused this. Anyway these are things to come in Cayman, because people who have it are just starving the little man on the street. No work, no food, a family to feed. Things will get worse. People will want to leave and abandone their homes if Caymanians are not given work to survive and politicians stop tricking people.

  2. I think Mr. Rankine is either being naive or ignoring the true facts here.

    I interpret this as blatant case of political intimidation and violence against his property, given his well-known and publicised connections and support of a certain political party and its leadership.

    Those of us from a Jamaican back-ground would recognise these signs immediately.

    If his assets are that valuable and generate sufficient cash flow for him to afford it…

    He might want to consider hiring personal security specialists for the protection of his person, family and property.

    This could very well be the first signs of a very ugly and dangerous monster raising its head in Cayman…

    But it would come as no surprise to some of us.

  3. I would encourage anyone who has worked for me to come forward and share any facts they may have about me not owing them anything.

    Hahahaha That’s rich!

    I know a few people who have worked for you and the general consensus… Mario Rankine DOES NOT pay his bills.

  4. I met some friends at Brickhouse Sunday. First thing I asked my friend when I saw him is who is parked the grey Ferrari in the middle of the road and not in a parking space. Answer was it is one of Mac’s buddies.

    See I am a wealthy man my self but I do not choose to own a high performance sportscar on an island where the speed limit is 40 as this seems like a waste of money and might be perceived by others that I am an uneducated fool who just got lucky.

    For the record, I live in a 8 bedroom house in South Sound and drive 2 luxury SUV’s but thus far no one has felt jealous enough of me to burn any of my property.

  5. MB,
    I believe was a black Austin Martin DB9 at the Hope Academy parking lot side of Grand Harbor. The school painted that parking area at its sole expense last fall, and though the lines are faint now, the car was clearly on a no parking zone causing parents concern as they did their morning student drop off.
    If the owner of the vehicle would like to contribute to re-painting those lines we would really appreciate it.
    I imagined the owner may have imbibed too much to drive the night prior, if that was the case then Kudos to them for leaving the car stationary. It was a pretty, albeit poorly placed, adornment to our schools front entryway.

  6. I think successful people are sometimes looked at as owing society something as they profited from society to gain their wealth. That being said, some people just hate successful people, especially when they flaunt it.

    They are people much richer than you in Cayman and while some of them flaunt it with expensive cars and watches, I doubt they are as arrogant as you. Maybe stay home a few more nights a week and go to church more often, start a charity or something and maybe instances like might happen less often.

    If it make it and earn a few mill in my life time you can bet I will lay low and quietly invest it for my childrens children and so forth and not blow it looking attention for the sake of vanity.

  7. It is sad that our crime, jealousy and retaliation has escalated to this level. What if that truck exploded and innocent home owners were affected? Karma, ‘dat wa ya get’ and all the other vicious comments only fuel the angry environment we live in.

  8. Regardless of what people may think of Mario, the fact remains a crime is a crime and vandalism should not be tolerated. Innocent people could have been hurt.

    Accepting evil for evil is not the Caymanian way of life. I am no fan of his but frankly if he is show-off that is his business. If he is rude he should be put in his place but being a show off or rude is not an excuse for a crime to be committed.

  9. Beenie…

    I’ve already shared my honest opinions on this incident but let me respond to your comments directly.

    I believe that Mr. Rankine, I don’t know him personally to call him by his first name as some others do, is trivialising this matter to deny what could be the true nature of this problem that he is encountering but…

    If your comments are indicative of the feelings that are running rife in Cayman now…and these actions committed against Mr. Rankine are evidence of this…

    Then you have only validated my own judgement and decision to leave the Cayman Islands forever and never, ever live there again.

    I could see things getting to this point and decided that Cayman was too small for myself and certain elements to co-exist together in peace and harmony.

    I am so happy that you’ve proven me right by your comments.

  10. Firery,

    My comments validated your own judgement??? I am sorry you felt the need to live somewhere else. I hope you find peace of mind where ever you might be as that has no price tag, however, unless you are on a floating utopian colony of millionaires, I fear acting as he does will eventually catch up to you.

    I was simply stating that his materialistic lifestyle is drawing attention from the wrong crowd. I know of many wealthy men who do not feel the need to parade around their wealth and have realized that Cayman is not all milk and honey anymore and as such take precautionary measures which includes not having such a high profile.

    People will either love the local boy made good or grudge him for his success. Simple. Cayman’s society is not unique in that mentality. With that said, I never wished anything bad on him.

    In fact I wish they could find whoever it was that stole his property and vandalized his truck because as others have said it is just not right. Mr. Rankine as you say, did not commit any crimes, rather has had crimes committed against him and to be targeted simply because your are wealthy is indeed a bad sign for Cayman. I would not wish what happened to him on anyone.

    But explain to me why is it that all the other wealthy VP’s, senior partners, CEO’s, managing directors and self made men/women of Cayman are not in his position? Why is it these men and women of stature and wealth with well known political affiliations are not being targeted as he claims to have been?

    When this is explained, I think we will get to the root of his dilemma and show that it is not because of merely being wealthy and politically affiliated.