Police concerned 
over Brac break-ins

It would sound odd if the statement was made anywhere else.  

However, Royal Cayman Islands Police Service officers said this week that three burglaries since the start of the year in Cayman Brac are cause for some significant concern among investigators there.  

There is virtually no crime, comparatively, on the small island which, at last count, had about 2,200 residents. Burglaries there are not unheard of, according to RCIPS Inspector Pearson Best, but not burglaries the kind of which Cayman Brac has seen during the past week.  

On 16 January, a more “typical” Brac burglary occurred at a home where some individuals had entered through an unlocked door and taken beer and cigarettes from the homeowner. 

“It’s usual for Brac residents to leave their doors unlocked,” Inspector Best said. “This is one of the safest places to live.”  

However, that home break in was followed up by consecutive burglaries on 24 and 25 January; the first at a liquor store and the second at Treasure Chest, a jewellery and perfume store.  

Police have not reported any arrests in either case.  

“Those two are unusual on the Brac,” Mr. Pearson said.  

Residents on the island have noted that parties have been hosted in the parking lot where the jewellery store is located on Friday and Saturday nights and that the break-in at the jewellery store happened on a Friday. 


Mr. Best asked that anyone with information contact the Cayman Brac police station at 649-0331. 

Cayman Brac police station

Police in Cayman Brac have reported a rash of burglaries during the past week. – Photo: Jeff Brammer


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