Jacqueline Haynes GT candidate

Local attorney and 14-year veteran of the Cayman Islands public service, Jacqueline ‘Jackee’ Haynes has declared her candidacy for one of the six George Town seats in this year’s general election. 

Disheartened by Cayman’s failing economy and deteriorating social conditions, Ms Haynes has stepped into the political arena as an advocate for change. “Having witnessed the consistent mismanagement of our country’s fiscal affairs, I feel compelled to help shape a better future for these Islands,” she said. “I was fortunate enough to be raised in a united Cayman.  

There was hope, prosperity and opportunity for all, but these have steadily been stripped from us and it is time we work together to restore them,” added Miss 

For the last five years, Ms Haynes has worked in the financial industry. She joined Ogier in 2008 and following her articles of clerkship, was admitted to the Cayman Islands Bar in 2011. Prior to entering the legal sector, Ms Haynes spent three years as an investment and securities analyst with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority and 11 years as an officer with the Cayman Islands Customs Department. While with Customs she received extensive specialist training in intelligence analysis and as a result was seconded to the Caribbean’s regional Joint Intelligence Office in Puerto Rico in 2001. There, she worked as a technical implementation officer and travelled throughout the region training 
officers of the various customs administrations. It was her experience with the Joint Intelligence Office that highlighted one of the important aspects of her campaign.  

“Long term crime prevention policies and proactive and intelligence-led policing, are vital to addressing patterns of criminality. This is one of the areas I would like to see Cayman improve,” said Ms Haynes. 

A graduate of the Cayman Islands High School, Ms Haynes holds an Associates Degree in Business 

Administration from the Cayman Islands Community College, a Bachelor of Laws Degree from the University of Liverpool, and is studying for her Masters in Public Policy and Management with the University of York. 

Ms Haynes said her decision to contest the 2013 election did not come easy.  

“I, like many other Caymanians, have sat on the sidelines watching our country’s demise, simply hoping that change would come. But here we are: Crippled by debt, our economy in flux, our people suffering, crime and unemployment rising and we have no viable solutions in sight. I see now that hope alone just isn’t enough.”  

Ms Haynes says she is stepping forth because she believes that these Islands deserve leadership they can count on. “I am committed to being the type of leader that leads with integrity, untainted loyalty, passion and compassion – simply because that’s what these islands deserve.” 

Ms Haynes was raised in the small community of Harlem – just off Mary Street – in the district of George 

Town. She is the single mother of a 16-year-old daughter, Jaida. While she acknowledges that Cayman’s problems are many, she contends that they can be remedied if approached thoughtfully and strategically. 

“Our policies must take into account current context but also long term considerations. The piecemeal, quick fixes do not work.” Ms Haynes says she is determined to see Cayman with a balanced budget, sustainable answers to the issue of healthcare and an education system that prepares our youth for success. 


The Caymanian Compass will publish candidate’s announcements and letters to the editor from them and their supporters, at the Editor’s discretion and with proper editing for style and libel, until 1 March, 2013. Candidates who purchase advertising will have their initial announcement declaring their intention to run for office on Page 1 for one time only on the same day of the advertisement. 


  1. It’s about time some women with integrity, vision and talent step up to make our country a better place to live, work and raise our children. The Parties come first and people last. People like Jackee Haynes are needed but don’t come forward. Our country will never change until we have more women take political office. Men are to self centered to get the job done. Ms Haynes, you have made my year.

  2. I congratulate Ms Jackee Haynes for her bravery because I understand the courage it takes to put yourself up for public inspection and psssible rejection. However, dispite this she has shown fortitude in following her civic and personal convictions of wanting to see a better Cayman and I believe not just for Caymanian but for all who call these islands home.

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