Stefan Baraud in George Town race

Businessman and entrepreneur Stefan Baraud has declared his intention to run as an independent candidate for George Town in the May 2013 election. 

Mr. Baraud said this was not a decision he took lightly. 

“Caymanians have been struggling for too long,” he said. “I have thought long and hard about this decision and I am committed and determined to do what 
I can to help.”  

Having had interests in a broad range of businesses in the Cayman Islands, from retail, restaurants, water sports and construction development, Mr. Baraud said he understands first-hand the importance of issues such as technical and vocational training for Caymanians, cruise tourism, air and seaport infrastructure and the cost of doing business here. 

“I believe that with the right representatives working together, we can refocus and rebuild our country to become a place that once again has good governance, a more efficient government and a more productive private sector that will deliver more jobs and higher wages and lead to a real improvement in household income and standards of living. We need to control our spending through efficiencies and focus on supporting Caymanian families in the areas of health and education.”  

The son of Dominique and Betty Baraud, Stefan was born and raised in George Town, first in Prospect and then later in South Sound and Tropical Gardens. He attended both Triple C and John Gray High School before graduating in 2000 from Eckerd College in Florida with a bachelor’s degree in international business. 

Mr. Baraud said he witnessed the results of perseverance and entrepreneurial spirit from his parents at an early age. His father rose from modest beginnings to become a well-known local restaurant owner, while his mother pioneered the Cayman Islands’ recruitment industry when she started Baraud International. 

“Coming from a family of small business owners I saw first-hand the importance of dedication and hard work”, he said. “Something I have continued to live by.” 

Mr. Baraud represented the Cayman Islands as a cyclist at both the Barcelona (1992) and Atlanta (1996) Olympics. In 1998, he was awarded Cayman Islands Sportsman of the Year. 

Over the years, he has been involved in a leadership role in a number government boards and nonprofit associations, including serving as chairman of the Cayman Islands Labour Tribunal, the Port Authority Board and of the Junior Achievement Programme. He was also one of the finalists of the Young Caymanian Leadership Awards in 2002. For several years, through Baraud International, he was involved in providing computer training for inmates at Northward prison.  

“Visit my website, phone me or stop me – on the street, at the gas station or the supermarket – to let me know what’s important to you and to help me to move the country forward and make a difference in all of our lives and that of future generations.”  


The Caymanian Compass will publish candidate’s announcements and letters to the editor from them and their supporters, at the Editor’s discretion and with proper editing for style and libel, until 1 March, 2013. Candidates who purchase advertising will have their initial announcement declaring their intention to run for office on Page 1 for one time only on the same day of the advertisement. 


  1. Grateful excited! Its about time…. We need and injection of young energy, coupled with new innovative ideas to change our course. Too much interpersonal politics and childish squabbles exists with the current Govt. They need to go work for a living for a change. Nothing could be worse that expecting them to do any better this time.

  2. Sharon, Winston, Stefan, and Roy should be the upcoming ruling government if we are to see an improvement in our lives. Prosperity is not accident and i believe we emphasize more on hoping, expecting; Waiting to see if something good is gonna happen to us, something we don’t plan for, an inheritance. But prosperity only comes when we deliberately apply the established principles of good self-governance, self-control, and emancipation. We cannot continue being led as a lamb to the slaughter, putting the same people back in power over and over yet expect a different result each time. Change begins within the house Cayman, within your households, within your minds, is no longer a matter of color or political affiliation, not even because he is your aunty-granny-uncle’ sister.
    Think twice this time Cayman!

  3. Thank goodness, some fresh young blood running for a change, exactly what this country needs! Stefan is a sensible man who understrand the changes needed. People will try tar him with the UDP brush but don’t forget he was one of the only ones to stand up to Mac. Good luck to you!

  4. Finally: A Candidate that makes sense! I’ve had the chance to work with the man: A Natural Born Leader! Hard worker who naturally continuously seeks to enhance the situational awareness of all the people around him. This man is a true asset to the country to any community that will vote him in office.
    Anyone looking for a better life with much better opportunities for them and their families should look in the future away from the failing politics of greed we have been enduring. Vote Stefan! I know I will.

  5. Its time for the Caymanian people to wake-up! Stefan Baraud for Candidate! what is Stefan track-record in terms of his contribution to his community.

    If the Caymanian people want to continue selling out their birth right to foreign investors and increase the volume of work permits, vote Stefan Baraud,I’m positive, that’s not what most Caymanian wants.

    This guy is an opportunist,spent most of is life associate with short term visitors on seven mile beach, what does he know about the struggle of the average citizens in George and the Cayman Island.

    This guy was given the opportunity to sit on some of these so-call boards, that contribute to the selling out of the Caymanian people, with no experience of making some serious decision that affect the lives of many Caymanians.

    To my people, please do not give this guy your vote.


    Cedrick Clark

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