Phase two of Bodden Town affordable homes begins

Officials have kicked off the second phase of the Bodden Town affordable housing project. 

The first phase of the development, located off Lake Destiny Drive past the Bodden Town police station in Grand Cayman, has 20 homes. The site can accommodate about 40 homes in all. 

Each home is about 900 square feet, with rent for two bedrooms at $700 per month and for three bedrooms at $800 per month. The second phase of the development began Thursday, 7 February. 

A groundbreaking on the first phase of the project took place 
in June 2012. 

Last October, Cayman Islands National Housing Development Trust board chairman Rayal Bodden and general manager Julio Ramos said the trust was moving the affordable housing programme in a new direction, and in the future offering houses for five-year leases instead of for purchase. 

About 30 families who previously had ownership agreements would be able to continue under lease-to-own arrangements. 

At the time, they said more than 700 Caymanian families were on the trust’s list of people who say they need homes – not including families already in trust housing. 


  1. I do not see how this is going to assist our people in the future! Who will maintain the property’s? The yards are not fenced in for example the ones in WB. Why not make it affordable housing with the Loan payments being 700 and 800 per month with very low strata fees 150 or 200 per month. I do not think this makes sense to rent these Houses it will be the owner (Government) left to up keep them then it will be out of our pockets the money will come yet again! Before you know it it will look like a slum or a project! When doing these projects Government should look at other Country’s that have done housing projects that work with the Community to assist low income people.

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