Home invasion reported

Update 11:15am: Royal Cayman Islands Police gave an account of the home invasion incident Thursday morning, which officers described as a ‘burglary’.

“At approximately 3.05am [Thursday] morning, a female resident at Raleigh Quay awoke with a male intruder standing over her bed.

“The male placed his hand over the female’s mouth, at which point she bit his hand or finger, the male ran from the premises as the victim started to scream. The victim was treated at George Town Hospital for loss of a tooth and released.”

“The male intruder is described as tall, 6’2” plus and of medium build with brown or dark skin.

“Police are appealing for anyone with information to contact them; in particular any knowledge of person’s who may have a recent finger/hand injury.”

Earlier story:

A home invasion was reported early Thursday morning in the Raleigh Quay area.

According to initial reports, a woman was attacked in her bedroom around 3am. She was injured by her attacker and taken to hospital. The seriousness of her injuries are not known.

Sources also told the Caymanian Compass the suspect received some injuries in the incident.

There was no word on any immediate arrests. Please check back to the www.caycompass.com for more on this story later today….



The home invasion suspect broke into a unit at Foster Bay Villas in the pre-dawn hours. Photo: Jeff Brammer


  1. I also had a home in Governors Harbour and still locked the doors at all times….I miss the old Caymans when doors were unlocked and you could open your windows….sad times !

  2. This story is quite disturbing in it’s own right as we see and hear too much of this all over our beloved island. However the title of this piece is very misleading to the public. At no point in the short story printed above is there an indication that this was a home invasion. Home invasions typically are described as very violent involving the use of weapons, holding people hostage and causing injuries that can be life threatening. I find the headline inflammatory which will result in an entire area being overly frightened and thinking there are armed aggressive bandits loose at will. My heart goes out to the victim for sure and no one should have to be awakened to such terror in the security of their own home, but reporting something it was not is just plain irresponsible. Sensationalism at it’s best!

    Editor’s note: Home invasion is generally an unauthorized and forceful entry into a dwelling.

  3. Reader99, Let’s see how Non Sensational you feel about something like this if you ever wake at 3AM and see a strange man standing over you with his hand over your mouth. No matter what twist you put on it this was an invasion of her home and an attack, people in the area have every reason to be concerned and frightened that there’s someone in the area capable of this type of crime. You call it sensationalism, but what you are doing is trying to downplay a serious crime as if you have a direct connection to the person responsible for this, possibly a child or sibling. I for one hope his finger is gone and too bad it wasn’t his throat that she chomped down onIf I woke up to someone standing over me my first reaction would be to make sure he didn’t walk out of the house to do the something to someone else. People need to fear for their lives when invading someone’s home, That is the only thing that will stop these things..

    If it’s your child or sibling, you are just as guilty if you do not turn him in…

  4. I hear your point reader99. The earlier story speaks to a home invasion but it is quite different from the later story which speaks to a burglary. According to Wikipedia ‘home invasion differs from burglary in having a violent intent, specific or general’.

  5. We’re frankly having a hard time understanding the comments here from readers who state this was not a violent incident. A suspect breaks into a home, enters a woman’s bedroom, and puts his hand over her mouth – according to the police report. What exactly did readers believe was going to happen next?

  6. @The Press – as I understand the report, this occurred after the woman was awakened and was no doubt done to prevent her from screaming. I don’t think that reflects that the intruder entered the premises with intentions of committing violence. If he had no doubt he would would have inflicted harm upon her while she slept.

    ‘Home invasion’ conjures up images of armed robbers forcing their way into your home and inflicting harm on you.

    The matter should be treated seriously but it is a little over the top to call it a ‘home invasion’ as the term is normally understood.

  7. All the comment defending this criminal act clearly show the way Cayman has become, accepting the rising crime rate and the ones doing it. I truly feel sorry for people who do not feel this was a violent attack and hope it never happens to them or one of their loved ones. If it does I am sure their feelings would change. I don’t care what anyone says, if someone Invades your home in the middle of the night and comes into your bedroom while you are sleeping, they are willing and prepared if not intending to cause harm.

    These are clearly the same type of people that will sit on the jury that puts this person right back out on the street.

  8. NJ2Cay – that is an unfounded comment. I did not see anyone defending this criminal act or accepting criminal activity. Rising crime, including this incident, is a serious matter that we are all concerned about. However, becoming hysterical about it does not help.

  9. Point taken speaker, but when concerned people are considered to be hysterical or over sensationalizing these types of acts. They are downplaying it or even condoning it whether they intend to or not. Something like this needs to be taken with all the seriousness it deserves. It should not be OK to break into someone house while they are sleeping as long as you’re not violent. For example the RCIPs reporting on crimes and downplaying them saying that no shots were fired and no one was hurt just makes it seem to crooks like it’s ok as long as they avoid hurting anyone. Like saying I only robbed you, tied you up and gagged your mouth but I didn’t hurt you so no harm done

  10. NJ2Cay – it seems that you are determined to be obtuse, but let me repeat one last time: no one is saying that any form of crime is OK or should be treated lightly. What I am saying is that crime should be categorised appropriately.

  11. Speaker, I guess it just comes down to an individual’s opinion and I respect yours. I for one happen to be rather intolerant to Home Break-ins, probably because it’s happened to me, fortunately we were not home at the time, but there’s a deep feeling of violation when you come home and find your place wrecked and valuables gone, this can only be worse if you were there when it happens. When something like this happens to you personally it usually changes your perspective. But I do understand your point..

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