Butterfly garden dream a reality

Sometimes the best birthday presents are those you give. 

That’s the idea behind Saskia Drake and her butterfly garden at Cricket Square. 

On Friday, 8 February, Saskia and her classmates from Cayman Prep gathered at the grounds of Cricket Square to begin planting what they hope will become a haven for butterflies in George Town. Cricket Square gardeners Winston Cobban and Aide Zarate were on hand to assist the young gardeners with their task. 

The idea for the garden came from Saskia, who decided to ask for donations to build a butterfly garden in lieu of presents for her eight birthday. When Saskia approached the developers of Cricket Square to host the garden, they were only too pleased to make one of the new beds between the recently opened Willow House building and the Brasserie restaurant complex available for her project. Vision Marketing donated the signs that mark the exact location of Saskia’s garden. 

Landscape designer Margaret Barwick donated her time to select and source plants known to be butterfly attractants. She expects that the butterflies, which are territorial, will begin to make themselves at home in the garden during the coming week.  

Plants selected for inclusion in the garden include Big Red Passion Vine, Mexican Flame Vine, Pentas, Lantana, Pineapple Weed, Golden Dewdrop and Blue Butterfly Bush. More than 57 species of butterfly have been identified in the Cayman Islands. There are five subspecies of butterfly endemic to the islands. 

After the planting, the students were invited to tour the adjacent Brasserie garden, where gardener Winston Cobban gave the students a brief lesson on sowing and harvesting edible crops in Grand Cayman. Visitors to Cricket Square are welcome to inspect Saskia’s garden for themselves.