Home invasion scare for Raleigh Quay resident

A resident of the Foster Bay Villas in Raleigh Quay awoke Thursday morning to find an unknown man standing over her bed.  

However, it appears the suspected home invader got the worst of it from the encounter.  

According to a police report on the incident, which described it as a “burglary”, the break in happened sometime around 3am Thursday.  

“A female resident at Raleigh Quay awoke with a male intruder standing over her bed,” the police news release on the incident stated. “The male placed his hand over the female’s mouth, at which point she bit his hand or finger. The male ran from the premises as the victim started to scream.”  

The victim ended up losing a tooth from the biting incident. The damage inflicted to the home invader was not known; he had not been located by press time Thursday.  

“Police are appealing for anyone with information to contact them, in particular any knowledge of a person who may have a recent finger/hand injury.” 


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The Foster Bay Villas residential complex was the scene of a home invasion early Thursday. – Photo: Jeff Brammer

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