Man attacked overnight

Royal Cayman Islands Police are investigating an overnight assault in the centre of George Town.

According to police, at 12:24am Wednesday a man was attacked by between five to seven men near the junction of Eastern Avenue and North Church Street.

Police said officers were notified of a fight at the location. They responded and upon arrival no suspects were seen. The victim was found in the Watler’s Road area and reported being attacked and beaten.

Police said the assailants demanded money and assaulted the victim in the process. Nothing was taken.

The victim refused transport to hospital by ambulance and was escorted there by police where he was treated and released.


  1. SouthernBoy, It is the Cayman of Today. As the RCIPs said, nothing was taken so I am sure the general prospectus will be that there was no harm done. Or that is was not their fault they were just trying to feed their family or that these were expats attacking people. One way or the other it will be downplayed or blamed on others as not a Caymanian problem.

  2. It was a busy night on Eastern Avenue, UDP had a function at Rankins, and you had groups of men in dark corners playing I believe, gambling games. I suspect this went on until late night.

  3. Put on your seat belts, because it looks like things are going to get worse. At the following link, you can read at clause 4 of the Firearms (Amendment) Bill 2011, where the Commissioner of Police wants to prevent people from being able to use their lawfully owned firearms for personal protection, unless they first get his approval to do so. Since he does not believe that private residents should be able to protect themselves by means of a lawfully owned firearm, you won’t get his permission. When are Caymanians going to wake up?

    Read it here:

  4. A man was attacked, the police responded! If he has not had anything stolen it means he has been assaulted and not robbed. It is down to him to make an allegation to police and they then follow it up. Police will make a report but you have to remember this island polices by consent, therefore police do as the customer wishes. There are also many sides to an assault. This could have been an attempted robbery, unprovoked attack, domestic a whole bunch of things we or the police will never know about.
    As for the gangs comment… Gangs are a group of people who affiliate themselves to an area looking for respect from each other. It is mostly the 14-21 year old’s who are crying out for some attention. London is seeing a pandemic of gang culture and everyone is asking, why, what and how?. Simple answer!!! Absent Fathers!!!! Young lads are looking for someone to look up to, to take them to a football match, show some affection, be a role model. We all have a duty when we are older to challenge bad behaviour and give out the odd thick ear, yet we sit back and do nothing!

    Do something, spend a few hours volunteering at a youth club or do something that enables to give kids a chance. They are the future and will be the ones that look after us one day.

  5. Expanding Northaward prison wont be the solution. Northward is full of innocent people too. Not all the inmates that are being housed there are criminals. They were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    I think the government of the Cayman Islands need to give more support to the organizations that helping the youth to stay out of trouble.

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