Have you worked out how to get walking yet?

Improving fitness and supporting charity at the same time? Count us in. 

The Walking Workout takes place on Tuesday, 26 February at Camana Bay town centre from 6.30am onward. 

It’s in aid of the Lions Club of Tropical Gardens, in the company of conditioning therapist, Dottie Rau. 

The Walking Workout, we’re told, is, “a thought-provoking approach to exercise that incorporates walking and upper body strength-building into a gentle, yet effective workout. Walk forwards, backwards and sideways then squat, lunge, twist and jump, as you challenge body balance and coordination”. 

So there. 

It takes around 40 to 60 minutes and is appropriate for all ages and physical conditions. Registration is $15. 

The first 100 participants receive a complimentary T-shirt and random prizes will be drawn. You can register in advance or on the day from 6am. 

No dogs and strollers, though – safety must take priority. As the workout logo indicates, “The Greatest Wealth is Health”. 


For more information, call 927-7710, 239-1673 or 926 3163, or e-mail [email protected] 

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