Stabbing, robberies reported overnight

A man was stabbed in West Bay and two
others were robbed in George Town and North Side between Friday night and Saturday

According to witnesses, a
31-year-old man was found stabbed in the vicinity of the Caribbean Bakery on
Mount Pleasant Road in West Bay just before 10pm. 

Police said the victim was stabbed
in the back and in the stomach. 

He was taken to hospital in serious
but stable condition. No arrests were immediately reported. 


Officers were investigating a robbery that occurred
around 9.30pm Friday along Larriat Road in North Side. 

A man reported he was robbed for a
small amount of cash and a cell phone by three men and a woman. 

No weapon was involved and the man
was not hurt. No arrests were reported. 

Around 2.30am Saturday another robbery was reported along Lawrence Boulevard in George Town. 

Police said the victim suffered
injuries to his face in the attack as three men attempted to rob him. 

Two suspects from that incident were in police custody
by early Saturday.   

Officers did not state whether
they believed any of the incidents were connected. 

East End fight

Residents in East End also reported that two people were hurt in a fight there sometime overnight. 

A fight involving at least one armed individual carrying a machete was reported. Two people were injured and carried to hospital. 

Police did not immediately state what had led to the incident. 


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  1. There is nothing wrong when criminals are the ones who getting hurt in this kind of confrontations because that’s what they have chosen to do with their lives. However, it is so sad to see innocent people getting hurt in this kind of actions. We as human being have the right to choose whether we want to do bad or good yes, but please don’t take the peace from those who have nothing to do with this war. God Bless

  2. In regards to the stabbing that took place Friday, it is so poor that a person has gone to someone residence assault him with a machete and attempt to take away his life. This man was in his home where small children where and do this horrific act causing the man to have surgery and it is a high possibility that he might have a permanent disability or limited use to his arm.

    The man that did the assault was only questioned and released before the victim was even in surgery. Where is the justice in these island? the police haven’t even asses the situation to see if there is any further threats to the victims life, what about a police detail at the hospital knowing that the man is hospitalized and have no way of defending his self.

    What a slack system we have in these islands! I bet if it was a drug possession charge, the man would have been charged and remanded. I don’t understand how in the world this man made an attempt on taking another human life and within minutes he could be back on the streets to finish what he started, harm someone else or even flea the island until the stature of limitation is up and then be able to return to the country. what are the police doing?

  3. I have visited Grand Cayman many, many times …and considered it to be my dream to live there one day. It is very, very sad for me to hear what is happening to this beautiful, peaceful island. The people were always some of the nicest anywhere in the world and the island was one of the safest in the carribean… I used to walk anywhere at night and feel safe while I was in Cayman.
    It sounds like maybe isn’t the place I used to know now. I’m sure this will affect tourism. How terribly sad this is.