Joblessness must end

Letter to the Editor

In the year 2013 it does not look good at present for many Caymanians that are jobless and also for many people that have residence even for people that came here on a permit to find themselves out of a job. 

We hear about downsizing and places going out of business and also such things as we will not be hiring at this time and the list goes on for people trying to get a job. 

Well, since we all know that there are many Caymanians and others out of a job, we also know that bills have to be paid and people have to eat and the government cannot give us all money to live and they are the ones that helped make this mess for us all and they have no answers to really help our unemployment problem. 

I think it’s time to give all of them a wake up call and give them some good advice to help us all, and that is to free up the peoples’ hands and let them help themselves by making it easy to operate free enterprise small businesses that do not require such highly paid fees to government and for many older people that still have to earn a living make it free for them to operate their small business. This way money will float around the whole Islands and the people will have more pride in themselves, social services will not have such a burden on top of it and crime will go down. 

But if you take a look at the present time and if this joblessness continues to grow, it could effect these Cayman Islands in such a way that would be so painful and sad for all that lives on them. 

The signs are all around you day to day. More and more people are becoming in this jobless position. 

Our Islands were not like this a few years back. Just like a few years ago, there were no crime waves. The police didn’t have tasers to bring the people down. 

Children are still coming out of school joining this jobless population. What answers do all in government have for this? 

And we must not forget Northward Prison is full and all the people up there are also jobless and some will be out of that prison to join the ones that have no jobs out here. So many of the people that are so young with children to feed that have no job, people that still have to pay the bank for their houses have been laid off. 

What plans, I said, does the government have for the jobless here in Cayman? Now, people of the Cayman Islands, remember when we really had it hard. 

We worked real hard to get out of those hardship days. Now look who has brought them back on us. The truth should be known. We all did by electing the wrong people to run the future of these Islands. We have leadership that has lead to our downfall and has no respect for our people. 

So help free yourselves of this jobless state you are in by first helping to remove them from ever getting the chance to make your life worse. 

All that are jobless, let your voice be heard in George Town with a special meeting and do not be afraid. It is your right to complain. This is our Island and we must live on it with proper employment or some legal way to make ends meet. 

Emile S. Levy 

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