Gala highlights local Scouts

The theme on Saturday, 23 February, was purple and white, the colours of the Scouts’ emblem. Table linens, Chinese lanterns and even attendees’ dress followed the theme, making it a colourful evening in the private grounds of the Jennings’ family’s residence where the Cayman Islands Scouts Association Gala was held. 

Scouts and Cub Scouts spent the night greeting guests, displaying their drumming skills as they announced the call to dinner and serving the tables of guests who were clearly impressed with the efficiency and politeness of the boys. 

The evening began with a short speech from Chief Scout Governor Duncan Taylor and was followed by a video featuring interviews with Scouts Chief Commissioner Orrett Connor Executive Commissioner Winston Connolly and several of the scouts. It highlighted the importance of having the Scouts in the Cayman Islands in order to give the Islands’ youth a strong moral code and training in self-reliance. 

Later that night, Mr. Connor took to the stage and emphasised the need for funding as the association prepares to break ground on its new building, which will become the Scouts’ permanent home in the future. “What we’re still seeking are funds to complete the building, furnish it and cover the ongoing operations of the organisation,” he said. 

“We also need to purchase camping equipment and supplies that we lost in Hurricane Ivan and have not yet been able to replace.” 

He also touched on the history of the Scouts in the Cayman Islands. “Scouting started here in the 1930s, and when we look back to the 40s and 50s, we can see that training as sea scouts was instrumental in Caymanians becoming the renowned seamen they were in the Southwell Years. 

“Although the same basic principles and survival skills are taught to the scouting youth today as they were back then, the movement has evolved with the times and is now including training relevant to the technological age in which we now live.” 

Connor concluded by saying how proud he was of all the scouts volunteering for the gala, and what a fine job they had done. 

Joining the Scouts costs nothing and although those who join are expected to pay for their own uniform, those who cannot afford to do so will usually be sponsored by the organisation. 

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