Online poll: Government gets mixed grades

Cayman’s minority government received mixed grades from respondents to last week’s online poll for its performance during its first 60 days in office. 

Of the 498 total respondents, the largest segment of them – 171 people or 34.3 per cent – gave the new minority a “fair” grade. 

“Definitely much better than when they were UDP members,” commented one person. 

“Fair,” said someone else. “They finally came to the surface for air. I see them joining forces with C4C.” 

Another large segment of respondents – 110 people or 22.1 per cent – gave the minority government at “poor” grade. 

“Unbelievable,” said the only person who answered “poor” who left a comment. “Glad they will only be there for a short time!” 

Ninety-six people – 19.3 per cent – gave the minority government a grade of “good” for their first 60 days in power. 

“I’ve been pleasantly surprised,” said one person. 

“They are certainly more civil than McKeeva’s government,” said someone else. “I like that they’re having these press conferences, but I don’t like it that our new premier can’t seem to be available for some of them even when she’s in the jurisdiction.” 

“I like the fact they are holding press conferences and trying to keep things in the open,” said another person. “So far, so good I would say.” 

Seventy-six people – 15.3 per cent – gave the new government at “terrible” grade. One person voted “terrible” more than 100 times, only to have those votes deleted. 

“Done nothing as usual,” said one person.  

“No leadership skills,” said someone else. 

“Still UDP money wasters,” said another person. “Say no to party politics.” 

“They should be ashamed of themselves,” commented one person. “They treat the backbone of this country [badly] – the Cayman seamen.” 

Twenty people – 4.0 per cent – gave the minority government a grade of “excellent”. 

“Actually, I’m a bit impressed with the new premier and the government,” said one person. 

Twenty-five people – 5.0 per cent – responded “other” to the question. 

“They really haven’t had a chance to do anything as of yet,” said one person. 

“It seems this government is not legal,” said someone else. 

“Who knows? We have not heard much from them and they are effectively neutered,” said another person.  

“I haven’t seen them do anything spectacular,” commented one person. 

“Have they done anything at all?” asked someone else. 

“Since they have done nothing, how can you grade it?” asked another person. “Incomplete maybe?” 

“My garbage has been collected perhaps twice in the past month,” said one respondent. “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.” 

“Irrelevant – this is not an elected government,” said someone else. 


Next week’s poll question 

What are you planning to do for the Easter holiday? 

Travelling to another country 

Staycation at a hotel or guest house in the Cayman Islands 


Just relaxing at home 

I’ll be working all or most of the time 

Other [write in comments] 

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  1. Way too soon to really tell. However, as corrupt as this place is, it will take major house cleaning efforts to right this ship. The Auditor is the key to transparent books and oust the mismanagement. A crack team of forensic accountants could expose everything wrong in less than six months.