Brew Crew is frothing to display deft touch

The start of the KRyS Global National Touch Rugby Championships 2013 season on Saturday involves seven teams competing for the top prize in a round robin tournament spanning the next two months.  

Judging by the first round results, there are already some strong contenders to challenge last year’s winners, the Heineken Brew Crew. 

Heineken Brew Crew captain and manager Caroline Deegan has built a dynasty of touch rugby teams. Fielding a fresh crop of youngsters from the successful Cayman national Under-20s team, they played alongside new female recruits and venerable oldies. 

Their opponents, KPMG, were filled with new players to touch rugby and it was a tall order to play their first match against the reigning champions – and it showed.  

Brew Crew’s Phil Thompson broke the line early for the opening score. Then KPMG captain Andrew MacKay scored a great try in the corner. 

The next 10 scores all went to the Brew Crew with Steve Henshaw, Jodie McTaggart, Sinead Wagner, Bianca Johnson, Iain Currie, Keswick Wright and Eddie Westin running in tries. 

Bianca Johnson was starting to dictate play with a series of neat off loads and dummies that had KPMG running in circles. They never gave up and they came back with a couple of consolation scores at the end for Andrew Edwards and MacKay to make the final score 13-3. The Most Valuable Player award went to Jodie McTaggart for her three excellent tries and fantastic running support lines.  

Dart took on SteppingStones in the next game. Dart were ravaged by injury and absentees.  

Wreaking havoc on Dart were Rudolf Weder, Scott McCarty, James Waters, Simon Raftopolous and new addition Morgan Shelver, who deservedly took the MVP award.  

Scott Murray scored a fine individual try for Dart just before halftime, but SteppingStones won easily 12-1.  

The final game was between SideBar NWNT and Walkers. Sidebar’s MVP Chris Palmer put the pace into space with his off loads to Jyoti Choi, Simon Crompton and Riley Mullen to burst through the defence.  

Racing to a quick 4-0 lead, Walkers replied with two tries from Paul Smith and Nick Dunne.  

However, more tries from Palmer, Choi, Crompton, Jo Ziegler, Chandra Friesen and Adam Huckle sealed an emphatic 12-2 win for SideBar NWNT. 

On this evidence, three teams look capable of winning the title and this weekend Genesis Trust, who had a bye, get their chance to impress. 

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