Esterley Tibbetts extension open Monday


Update 7am Monday: There will be changes starting Monday, 18 March, to traffic flow between Lime Tree Bay Avenue and Yacht Drive to facilitate the connection of the new Governor’s Way to West Bay Road and to allow work to continue on Public Beach Park.

•    Esterley Tibbetts Highway Phase One is open to traffic.

•    There will no longer be through traffic on West Bay Road between Governors Way and Raleigh Quay.

•    All through traffic will be temporarily diverted onto the Esterley Tibbetts Highway at Lime Tree Bay Avenue.

•    Northbound local traffic access on West Bay Road will be permitted to Governor’s Way.

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•    Southbound local traffic access on West Bay Road will be permitted to the Public Beach parking area.

•    The new Governor’s Way connection point to West bay Road is expected to open in two weeks.

Drivers are advised to allow additional time for their journey while the temporary stages of these works are underway.

Initial story: The first
phase of the Esterley Tibbetts Highway extension will open to traffic Monday,
according to Dart Realty.

Access to
and from Raleigh Quay and the highway will be left in and left out only.
Governor’s Way remains closed while works continue.

to a statement from Dart Realty public relations consultant Connie Buchanan:

“As advised
by the National Roads Authority Dart Realty would like to make the following
traffic announcements.

There will
shortly be changes to traffic flow between Governors Way and Yacht Drive:

  • On
    Monday March 18th, highway access between Yacht Drive Roundabout and Raleigh
    Quay will open to traffic.
  • Raleigh
    Quay traffic to and from the highway will be left in and left out only.
  • Access
    between Governor’s Way Roundabout and West Bay Road remains closed while works
  • Drivers
    are advised to allow additional time for their journey while the temporary
    stages of these works are underway.”

On Wednesday,
Cabinet ministers officially opened the first phase of the highway extension as
a public road, and discontinued the corresponding stretch of West Bay Road as a
public road, according to procedures set on in the Roads Law.

The road
closure will enable Dart to construct a new hotel on the site of the former
Courtyard by Marriott. To the south of the new hotel, Dart is providing
government with an enhanced public beach park area.


The first phase of the Esterley Tibbetts Highway extension will open to traffic Monday, according to Dart Realty.
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  1. What I want to know is why the Road is open and its not finish?!?! Makes no sense to me as there is marl rock all over it! Coming from W.B takes an extra 40 to 50mins! Only Dart can do this and get off with it!

  2. With regard to the plans for the public beach: who in their right mind would allow/approve a campground right next to a main highway and a round-about!!! Have you all not observerd how many vehicles have gone belly up on round-abouts or slid off them when it rains!!! Obviously the For Cayman Alliance reps did not use their common sense or think of getting any input from the Caymanian families that have been camping on the public beach and the surrounding beach areas since camping was allowed in the Cayman Islands and even before, as to their suggestions on the layout of these new plans. btw, one of the exciting part of camping on the beach is to be able to open that tent door/window and look out at the beautiful Caribbean sea in the morning and listen to the lapping of the waves, not to look at a line up of cars speeding by with dust flying everywhere, including in the food you are trying to cook. Furthermore, one can only wonder why in that particular area there was a accidental fire that took all the beautiful casaurina trees that Caymanians love to camp out under as these would have been ideal in their natural state for a campground. Instead they are now being replaced with coconut trees, which btw drop coconuts that can hurt people, and other trees that they probably paid landscapers to advise them on (sorry, got them from their own landscaping farm). Who knows they may will be fool ’nuff to throw in a man-cha-neil tree!!! How absolutely stupid and horrible the trees that are now being put there because that is what the For Themselves Alliance think we should have! I ask the members of the For Themselves Alliance group, drive along or walk along any beachfront property in Cayman and observe what trees you see growing there!!! Answer: Grapetrees, casaurina trees, cocoplum trees. Why??? because they offer a natural buffer to beach erosion along the shorelines and hold the soil together inland (remember, most of that area was filled in from the early days, it is not solid rock!!! Listen to mother nature once in a while!!! So please rethink the plans for the layout of the Public Beach!!! Move that campgroup closer to the beach and put the car park or foot ball field at the back. I for one will be setting up camp for my family on the beautiful white sands and anywhere along that beach up to the highwater mark, including on Dart’s newly questionable acquired property. And YES I will make sure i clean up our garbage as we always do!!!

  3. Joker ….. Well said and well explained and I hope you will not get ridiculed for your obsevations, like I was.Of course it will be frowned on if anyone DARE disobey the rules of where and when to camp, you cannot ‘upset’ the plan of things by behaving as you always would have done on YOUR Island. Watch this space, it will eventually be quite clear where the native Caymanian will be expected to go…..and it will not be on any part of that beautiful 7 mile beach !!!

  4. @Joker:

    Congrats… You’ve just lived up to your name.

    Because Public Beach/Calicos being so close to West Bay Road where people have been drag racing for years has worked out so well to begin with… Like people haven’t been under a very real threat of vehicles there?

    This story ( has a picture that shows the layout of the road and how well protected the campground area is from the highway.

  5. There seems to be a decent size buffer between the highway and the new Campsite so I don’t really see how dust kicked up from cars will really get into the food you are cooking. Its seems like the new campsites were meant to create a more woodsy feel like traditional Camping and most likely was not created just for Easter Camping, you most likely will not see the highway, other Campsites or anyone else outside of your own party in one of these sites so I am sure people will jump on them to get there first, but for those who wish to camp on the beach what is it about this that will be stopping them… Regarding the Easter camping on the beach tradition does the creation of the Campsites behind the parking lot mean the people can no longer camp on the beach if they choose to ? I didn’t see any mention of this, won’t it still be a public beach. Another question I have is can people pitch their tents and camp up to the high water mark as suggested below by Joker ? I am not sure but that doesn’t sound really safe.