Online poll: Dog ownership high in Cayman

More than two-thirds of the respondents to last week’s online poll said they own a pet of some sort and more than 51 per cent of those people said they owned at least one dog. 

Of the 726 total respondents, 276 – 38 per cent – said they owned one or more dogs and another 97 people – 13.4 per cent – said they owned one or more dogs as well as one or more cats. Conversely, only 184 people – 25.4 – said they owned one or more cats, fewer than half of those who said they owned dogs. 

The poll, although unscientific, shows that Cayman is more dog oriented in its pet ownership than the United States, where statistics in the 2012 US Pet Ownership & Demographics Sourcebook showed that 36.5 per cent of households owned a dog and 30.4 per cent owned cats.  

“There are a lot of dog owners in Cayman,” said one person. “It would be great to have a dog park, so they have a designated area to safely run off leash.” 

“My dog Mo … unconditional love,” said someone else. 

“Three English bulldogs and one pug,” wrote another respondent. 

One dog owner complained about other dog owners. 

“The most annoying thing is a irresponsible pet owner who neglects their dogs and allows them to keep their neighbours up all night,” that person said. “Can we not do something about that? Ban them from having pets?” 

“A dog is a man’s best friend,” commented one person. “A cat … I don’t know.” 

“Two dogs, both rescues,” said someone else. 

“I don’t have children, but my dogs are like children to me,” said another person. 

“I foster a dog and have a feeding station for neutered cats,” said one person. “Neutering and spaying paid for by PAWS.” 

“I have a dog and a cat and a wife, but my wife I just call ‘Pet’,” said someone else. 

Another eighty-seven people – 12 per cent – said they just have one or more cats, which, combined with those who own both cats and dogs meant a little more than a quarter of the respondents owned cats. 

“But I had to leave them in Cayman when we were rolled over,” said one person. “I got them when the rollover wasn’t in place and they were too old to travel. Very upsetting.” 

“I love animals,” said one cat owner. “But dog owners, it is your responsibility to clean up after them. Always! I don’t come and walk in your neighbourhood and let my kids do their business on your sidewalk. Respect others. Keep it clean!” 

“Three rescue cats,” said another person. 

“Cats and a bird,” said someone else. 

“I had one dog – victim of paraquat – and two cats,” said one person. “The cats are alive and well.” 

Thirty-two people – 4.4 per cent – said they had another type of animal as a pet. 

“Three hamsters,” said one person. 

Many people name birds or fish as their pets, but others said chickens, rabbits or horses. 

“I help raise goats with my parents,” said one person.  

“Fish are the best pets. No noise. No mess. No walking. No vets. If they die you flush them down the toilet and buy another one that looks exactly the same,” said someone else. 

“Fish, birds and dogs,” commented another person. 

“I have two African grey parrots,” said someone else. 

Almost a third of the respondents – 234 people or 32.2 per cent – said they didn’t own any pets.  

“I had a pug for almost 12 years until last October when I had to put him down,” said one person. “I would love to have another but can’t quite bring myself to get another as yet.” 

“I do not have a fenced yard to keep a pet in so I do not have one,” said someone else. 

Next week’s poll question 

Do you think Cayman’s economic situation has improved during the last six months? 

Yes, a lot 

Yes, a little 

About the same as it was before 

No, it’s a little worse 

No, it’s a lot worse 

I don’t know

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