Bush returns for more police questioning

Update, 6:24pm: Police have placed former premier McKeeva Bush on overnight bail, requiring him to present himself again to police on Wednesday afternoon.

According to a release from the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service on Tuesday evening, “The re-bailing is to allow the DPP [Director of Public Prosecutions Cheryll Richards] an opportunity to consider all of the evidence currently available and thereafter advise the RCIPS of her decision as to whether charges can be laid.”

A second man, businessman Suresh Prasad, was also questioned by police today, after he and Mr. Bush complied with their bail conditions set in February and reported to police.

Officers of the Financial Crime Unit conducted further interviews with Mr. Bush and collated additional relevant evidence, police said.

“In line with normal procedures, the details from those interviews have been forwarded to the Director of Public Prosecutions. This is to allow her to consider the latest information along with the previously submitted evidence file,” the statement from police read.

Mr. Prasad, who was arrested in relation to the importation of explosives investigation, has been re-bailed until early April 2013.

Earlier story

Former premier McKeeva Bush who was bailed last month reported back to police for further questioning Tuesday morning.

Mr. Bush was arrested on suspicion of theft and corruption-related offences on 11 December, 2012. He was initially bailed to early February and then re-bailed to Tuesday, 19 March.

“The RCIPS can confirm that the former premier, McKeeva Bush MLA, has answered bail this morning. He will be further interviewed today,” a statement from the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service on Tuesday read.

He has not been charged with any crimes.

When Mr. Bush was bailed in February, police said at the time that they were carrying out further investigations in a number of foreign jurisdictions, including locations in Europe, the United States and Asia.

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McKeeva Bush speaking at a public meeting last month


  1. I know that we may find it difficult to put aside some of the political or personal feelings when it comes to this Mac, but I have to ask seriously why was this man arrested when (1) he was posed no flight risk (2) did they try to interview this him before and he refused to attend the station/office? Weren’t the country told that with regards to Mac’s arrest, they were looking to have charges by Feb 2013?
    Englands way of destablising Cayman in the international arena?!

    The stink is getting strong people andIi’m looking forward to a good investigative report from all media sources on this and Tempora.

  2. So it seems like today is the day I am sure if he is not charged there will be a lot of drama following it. Whatever happened to the other investigations like the whole Stan Thomas rezoning thing. This last set of investigations kind of makes me think that they really couldn’t find anything on him with the other accusations so they tried with these. I wouldn’t really be surprised if this is again delayed today and continually delayed until after someone else is elected. I would love to be a fly on the wall during these interrogations.

    You did it, No I didn’t. Yes you did, No I didn’t. You Did You Did You DID..

  3. NJ2Cay – Why don’t we wait to see what, if anything, he is charged with before we start jumping to conclusions as to the bona fides of the investigations? There is already a significant amount of evidence in the public domain re the Stan Thomas matter so while it might be that they have not been able to obtain sufficient evidence to prosecute on that matter that would be a far cry from saying that ‘they really couldn’t find anything on him’.

    Obviously the police re-interview suspects only when they have some basis for further questioning.

    @Locmon – An arrest is based on whether there are reasonable grounds to suspect that one has committed an arrestable offence, and not whether the suspect is a flight risk. Flight risk is a factor in determining whether to grant bail. Bush has always been granted bail.

    There is nothing about this matter up to this point to cause one to suspect any grand conspiracy by the UK to de-stabilise Cayman.

  4. Why so surpise with some of these politician, most are self serving and they think they’re invisible. most elected leaders are good leaders and work hard for the citizen of the cayman Island.People of cayman stand up and vote these people out of office.

  5. Speaker, can you give me some examples of the significant evidence against him regarding the Stan Thomas matter. The only thing I’ve really seen is a letter from him to Stan Thomas requesting payment for what a lot of people say was to bribe get a piece of land rezoned. But that letter can be interpreted in a lot of different ways such as a request for payment to complete the next step of a real Estate sale due as he mentioned. It would take more than that letter to prove that he was demanding payment on a bribe. I personally do not think anyone would be stupid enough to demand payment on a bribe in writing and on company letterhead at that. Was there other evidence that I missed?

  6. This is just not right. If they have a charge then charge him and if not then why is this continuing? Is this the UK’s way of destabilizing Cayman? Also, I heard that yesterday while at the police station they wouldn’t even give him anything to eat all day. Now if that is true that is just not right. What happened to the Human Rights which the UK so wants to impose on everyone? Makes me believe what Bush has said all along – that it’s about bringing Cayman down.

  7. Eye, About the not letting him eat thing. Whether they did or didn’t let him eat all day I cannot speak on But I doubt it’s true. I can tell you that that is a very old tactic used for decades in the US to get people to confess to crimes. There have been stories like this going around for as far as I can remember of people not allowed to eat while being interrogated, the perceptions is that when they get really hungry they will get disoriented and reveal things that they usually would not have.

  8. All politicians should know the term used now is that; I cannot recall. What is your date of birth?, I cannot recall, did you do it?, I cannot recall, can you recall anything?, I cannot recall.

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