Police Taser unruly suspect

Officers of the armed branch of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service used their recently acquired Tasers for the second time over the weekend.

According to a statement from police, about 3.30am on Saturday, 16 March, Uniformed Support Group officers responded to a report of a disturbance outside Elements Nightclub in the Strand.

“A group of young men and women were arguing and being disorderly. Whilst USG officers were arresting one man, another man tried to intervene and prevent the arrest.

“Despite repeated warnings, he refused to desist and then pulled a knife on one of the officers,” the statement continued. “He refused to comply with instructions to put the knife down. As a result, an officer who was armed with both his conventional firearm and Taser, discharged the Taser.”

After being hit by the Taser, the man immediately fell to the ground where officers subdued him and disarmed him. The officers removed the probes from the Taser and first aid was administered.

The suspect remained in police custody Monday on suspicion of disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and possession of controlled substance.

Police said the agreed post-incident investigative protocols for the use of a Taser have been implemented and a report on the incident is being compiled.

Police officers first used a Taser in late January on a knife-wielding suspect who had escaped from custody and was later found in Bodden Town.

The weapons, which deliver a powerful electric shock, had been introduced to the police service just days before they used it on the suspect in Bodden Town.

The police service purchased 36 of the weapons, which include a mounted camera, from United States-based Taser International in September, at a cost of US$71,000.


  1. Are we going to hear about every time someone gets tasered? We don’t hear about every single arrest they make so why not just leave it alone and let the police do their job.

  2. CayGirl84

    I get your point but its not as simple as that.

    A taser is considered a non-lethal firearm…and in certain circumstances can definitely cause death if a person is already in an unhealthy state…same as any high-voltage electric shock would;people HAVE died after being tasered by police.

    The police regulations and human rights laws require that evidence must be provided that such force is justified, just as if a conventional firearm had been used.

    Its best that Caycompass and other media monitor and report police taserings for the protection of the public from the unjustified use of police force.

    Certainly, you would want to know who the police had shot in Cayman…and why, wouldn’t you ?

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