New Dart scholarship offered

A new higher education scholarship will begin in Augest when Dart Cayman Islands gives the William A. Dart Memorial University Scholarship.

The University Scholarship is the second Minds Inspired scholarship; two Minds Inspired High

School Scholarships were awarded in 2012. The University Scholarship will be awarded for up to a maximum period of four years at a competitively ranked and accredited institution.

The Minds Inspired scholarships underscore Dart’s corporate commitment to education; however, it is the accompanying, complimentary aspects of the scholarships that demonstrate Dart’s interest in producing well rounded, experienced individuals who will return to Cayman and contribute to the community in the future, states a press release. William A. Dart Memorial University Scholarship recipients will be encouraged to take part in campus development and leadership programmes and will have summer employment opportunities with Dart, providing them with important, professional experience and on-the-job mentoring.

“The Minds Inspired William A. Dart Memorial University

Scholarship is a natural ‘next step’ following on from the successful launch last year of the Scholarships. Dart believes that corporate Cayman has an important role to play in providing youth with educational opportunities which can positively impact their lives, and in turn the future of Cayman,” said Joanne Lawson, senior manager, Organisational Development & Administration for Dart Enterprises Ltd. “We look forward to meeting the potential recipients during the interview process as no doubt they, will inspire us.”

“The late William A. Dart, the founder of Dart Container Corporation, was a strong believer in the power of education. Over the years, he and his wife Claire, who is still living; provided millions of dollars to advance and encourage youth education, primarily in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. This scholarship, which is part of Dart Cayman’s Minds Inspired educational initiatives allows us to continue his commitment to education and to our youth,” said Mark VanDevelde, chief executive officer.

The selection process is conducted with a degree of anonymity at all stages. The names of candidates are kept confidential throughout the process and all involved in the evaluation and selection are advised to let the scholarship coordinator know if they think they know someone or are conflicted in any way:

Step One: Applications are evaluated to ensure all eligibility criteria are met and all required documentation was submitted.

Step Two: Applications that meet the published criteria are given an ID number and then scored according to grades, activities, essays etc.

Step Three: Top scoring applications are selected for an interview where each applicant is asked the same questions by the same two interviewers. One interviewer has knowledge of the applicant’s test scores and academic background, while the other interviewer has no background information.

Step Four: Interview results are combined with the application scores and members of an

Internal Committee each identify their top candidates, all identified candidates are then pooled to come up with the final round candidates. The finalists’ complete packages are then reviewed by a combined panel of Dart and private sector professionals, who cast their final votes. The ID number is then matched back to the name on the master list of applicants.

The scholarship will cover education related costs, and will be renewable for up to four years based on the recipient’s ability to maintain high academic standards each year. It does not specify an area of study, nor does it require that the recipient return to work for Dart; however, based on the premise that recipients will be intelligent, motivated and ambitious, they should expect to have Dart’s HR Department among those entities who wish to interview them when they have completed their studies.

“Last year Dart demonstrated its commitment to providing learning opportunities with its Minds Inspired Educational Scholarship, which was awarded to two high school students. This year Dart is building on their investment in Cayman’s future with a University, undergraduate study scholarship. The power of education to change lives and strengthen the future of our country is incredible, and as Minister of Education I am delighted to see another opportunity being provided to our youth,” said Rolston Anglin, deputy premier and minister with responsibility for Education.

Applicants will be evaluated based on their:

Having a strong academic standing with a minimum of 5 higher level passes including math and English or cumulative high school GPA of 3.0 or higher plus any of the following:

3 ‘A’ levels with a minimum average grade of B

OR minimum combined SAT score of 1500

OR Associates degree with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher

OR AP or IB equivalent

Being University-ready and accepted to a competitively ranked and accredited institution approved by the Dart Scholarship Selection Committee.

Being a full-time student pursuing undergraduate level studies in an area that will contribute to the betterment of Cayman.

Demonstrating good interpersonal and communication skills, work ethic and character.

Demonstrating academic excellence and a strong aptitude in core subject areas.

Being in good health and able to demonstrate health insurance coverage.

Deadline for submission of applications is Friday, 31 May, at 5pm. All requested documents must be submitted including the application form, character references and personal statement. Complete applications must be received by the deadline to be considered; incomplete applications and applications received after the deadline cannot be considered.

The first scholarship will be awarded prior to the start of the 2014 academic year.

To learn more, call 640-3676

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