Minister fined, disqualified from driving

Deputy Premier and Education Minister Rolston Anglin was fined $500 and disqualified from driving for 12 months Tuesday after pleading guilty last year to driving under the influence of alcohol.

Charges of  careless driving and driving whilst impaired were left on file.

Magistrate Kirsty-Ann Gunn also ordered him to pay costs to the Crown of US$2,000 for a forensic consultant who had prepared a report and who would have given evidence about alcohol-in-blood levels and medication, along with other costs.

Mr. Anglin tested at .110 approximately three hours after he was involved in a one-vehicle accident along West Bay Road in the early hours of 23 May 2012.

Defence Attorney Steve McField told the court that on the day preceding the offences, Mr. Anglin had been working at his ministry. He was not feeling well and had not eaten much, but had taken cough medicine and Ferrol, a tonic to boost energy. 

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  1. If I was a teacher, I would feel very embarrass to have Mr. Anglin speak with the children of my school about drug awareness or any educational topic for that matter.

    That is why we need in the Constitution, voters having the power to RECALL MLAs we have lost confidence in… why do we have to wait 4 years to do so? Our Constitution doesn’t help us one bit. We could have got out McKeeva Bush from long time if the people had the power to RECALL him instead of the LA. But anyways… May is coming and I am sure he is not getting back in.

    To be the Minister of Education, you should have a degree of Temperance and know how to handle yourself under stressful conditions.

  2. It is useless to say he should have called a cab, because alcohol makes you believe you are superman, the toilet is your sweet-heart you are in a hurry to get home to, and then puts you soundly to sleep at the wheel.

  3. Yes he was charged but at least he has accepted the responsibilty of his wrong doings, unlike the Ex-premier who decides to fight his charges.

    There is no excuse for drinking and driving, but as you can see from the report his alcohol limit was 10 percent over the legal limit and was not significant in any way.

    Despite this DUI the Minister has performed well in his role as Education Minister, alot better than previous Ministers.

  4. At CaymanKnight

    How long did it take him to plead guilty.

    As far as…performed well in his role as Education Minister… He is a poor example to be an Education Minister.

    You have no idea what you are talking about. Maybe you should ask him who got the scholarships? Why hasn’t he assisted students (attending university overseas, who maintain their GPAs with 3.2 – 3.5) that need the help from Education Council, but yet these students have to work part time while attending university full time to be able to put food on their tables?

    You ask him why and if you find out you can let me know?


  5. Caymaniantothebone, you are a typical pot stirrer. A DUI conviction has nothing to do with the awarding of scholarships and your comment is not factual about students not being assisted.
    Your attempt to slander the good work of the Scholarship Unit and the Education Council is unwarranted and ridiculous.
    Typical crab in the bucket mentality, Shame on you that you refer to yourself as a Caymanian. Regardless of a DUI conviction the Minister of Education has worked hard in his Ministry but as usual when you don’t know what goes on inside you just sit on the outside and assume and make unnecessary attacks. You are making a fool of yourself! You should be factual and I am sure that you cannot provide proof of your ridiculous claims about unassisted students.

  6. @Caymanian Voter on 3/26/2013 9:35:45 PM

    I was stating the facts.

    I am a true Caymanian, born and breed! but it is so sad and disheartening when this happens to young Caymanians who have the potential and prove themselves year after year, but are treated this way!!

    I have my facts, and YES I have proof otherwise I won’t make such a post.

    Tough luck if you and others don’t like what I said previously…it’s freedom of speech with facts to back it up.