Golden goose losing gloss

Of the most wonderful of all the islands in the world, I compare Cayman to a golden goose in the middle of the Caribbean with its wonderful people. 

In Cayman we have beautiful beaches, it’s warm all the time with world banks by the hundreds and tourists flowing to our shores and there is so much, much more that makes Cayman this great golden goose. 

The Caymanian people from old made this golden goose happen for us with their wise planning and future wisdom. They were not reckless and stupid. They were of great vision and humble. 

We, as the keepers of the golden goose now, cannot afford to be unwise and stupid with her. Our great way of life is in some kind of sick trouble.  

Wise leaders with great vision in line with the people and the now are what we need in our next government with good Caymanian advisors and consultants to make these Islands and all its people live better. 

Our people have been kept back too long by the members of our governments with blame to go around for all. 

As we all know, when some of them get in that House, they become Mr. Greedy, My time is just for money, I’m selfish, Mr. Jet Set, Mr. Dictator, Mr. Steal and Mr. Deals. 

We must get rid of all these types of leaders and members of our government. 

We must get rid of them in order for our people to move forward. This is a great time in our country with the world watching. 

We must try and put it back right for our people. We cannot have more money leaving the country. That is of no use to us or our people. We must keep more of the money that will help to polish the golden goose and take care of the goose caretakers. 

We cannot afford Caymanians out of work and people from the outside working, paying rent, buying food and sending money home. 

We cannot afford any more reckless members of government or wasters in government. We cannot afford to fail, my people. 

The golden goose is not looking good right now with members of our government under arrest, high unemployment and prices. 

All goods and services are still high and we have an election year, The time frame is close. 

The gold goose, which is Cayman and all its people is not too happy right now. But we are not confused, so as we say in the old Cayman way, you can fool me once but never two times, so please Caymanian people, vote the right way. 


Emile S. Levy 

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