Editorial for 5 April: Affirmation in bottle message

We have to believe divine intervention was at play a few Sundays ago when Patricia Wright took her usual constitutional along the beach and literally found a message in a bottle.

The message appears to be from someone who had received a heart transplant, which enabled him to enter a yacht race from France to Africa. He dropped his message-bearing bottle during that event.

His missive stated: “Eleven months ago, I could not walk more than 30 metres in one go. Today, thanks to the generosity of one unknown person who gave me a heart – I can pretend to the normal practice of a sport and think of a future. Sincere thanks to him and his family as well as to all of you who took the decision to say ‘yes’ to organ transplant.”

A day later lawmakers in the Cayman Islands passed long overdue legislation making it legal to donate organs and receive transplants in this country.
It would appear a higher power is trying to tell us something; affirming the passage of this law.

Now that the law has been passed, those in need of transplants, their family members and friends won’t have to go to the expense of travelling overseas for treatment.
Lawmakers still have work to do on the law. Rules and regulations need to be adopted to make the law doable.

There are many people in the Cayman Islands who are alive today because they were able – at much expense and hand wringing – to go overseas to receive replacement organs.

It’s only right that our country has come into the 21st Century with this legislation making it easier for those among us who need organ transplants – and those who can donate – as well as our future children and grandchildren.

Those of us who have had to travel overseas for any medical care know it can be a tiresome burden and a huge expense.

Once again we say kudos to our Members of the Legislative Assembly for finally passing this much needed legislation.

It was the right thing to do.

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