Online Poll Church going still popular

More than three quarters of respondents to an online Caymanian Compass poll go to church, either regularly or occasionally. 

Of the 652 people who responded to the question “How often do you go to church?”, 76.9 per cent said they went once a week or more, for special occasions or on holy days, while a fifth said they never go to church. 

In the poll, 181 people, or 27.7 per cent of respondents said they went every week or nearly every week, with some respondents saying they attended church more than once a week. 

The highest single group of respondents, almost 30 per cent, or 195 people, said they only attended church for weddings and funerals.  

Slightly more than one-fifth, or 20.3 per cent or 132 respondents, said they never went to church. Another 58, or 8.9 per cent, said they went occasionally on holy days and 68 people, or 10.4 per cent of respondents went semi-regularly. 

Eighteen respondents, or 2.8 per cent of those who took part in the poll, responded as “other”, with some saying they went to church twice weekly, another saying four times a week, another saying “I’m Jewish!” and one more saying “Daily. I’m Catholic!”. One more in the “other” category said: “I have a very strong connection with my Higher Power but strongly disagree with a lot of what churches preach.” 

Another reader wrote: “I was not brought up within a religious background but that does not mean I do not now pray or worship in my own way outside of a church environment.” 

One respondent who attends church every week said: “Every Sabbath. And thank God for the Sabbath!”. 

A reader who responded “Never”, added the comment: “The churches here are not the same [as] at home and cannot stand the hypocrisy”. Another who responded to the “Never” option, said: “Religion is dead.” 

Another “Never” respondent said: “I prefer to spend time with the Lord while enjoying the beauty of nature on Sunday mornings. Most churches in Cayman are so full of hate and discrimination that it sickens me to be a part of that form of worship. Perhaps one day those who claim they serve the Lord will do so without judgements towards others and keep their ignorance to themselves.” 

A reader who said he or she only attended church for weddings or funerals commented: “Christianity is from within, I don’t need a building to make me act like a good person.”
Another who only goes to church for weddings and funerals wrote: “And I hate weddings and funerals precisely because they are held in a church. I always feel dirty, like I need a shower to wash off the hypocrisy when I get home from being in a church.” 

One reader, who only goes to church for funerals and weddings, said: “I’d prefer to be allowed to go to the supermarket on Sundays.” 

Next week’s poll question 

Which major infrastructure project do you think is of the highest priority? 

Completion of Esterley Tibbetts Highway to West Bay 

Closing the George Town Landfill and relocating the dump 

Expanding the airport 

Creating cruise berthing facilities 

Completion of the East-West Arterial 



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