Florida Air Academy recruiting

Grand Cayman resident and Florida Air Academy High School Senior Alex Pascal* recently won Gold at the CARIFTA Games in the Bahamas, with a javelin throw in the Under 20s event of 67.5 meters.  

He also joined a growing cadre of athletes from Florida Air Academy destined for International athletic success. 

With a reputation that spans the globe, Florida Air Academy has become the school for students seeking a top-class education and a superior athletics programme.  

Current enrolment includes students from Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Caribbean and South America. 

With only 300 students, 200 of whom live at the school as boarders, and the remainder attending daily from the local area, the success of Florida Air Academy is puzzling to some.  

But enter its doors and you’ll find not only high academic expectations; Harvard acceptances the last two years, 100 per cent college acceptance for the entire graduating class the past 25 years and a disciplined and motivated student body . 

Such discipline is a powerful motivator and there are high expectations of the students. “Cadet rank,” and further responsibility is earned as a result of academic excellence, leadership, service to the school and to the community. It’s a formula that works. 

In a recent interview, FAA Vice President Deborah Dwight, daughter of the school’s founder, pondered that success, ”We are constantly reviewing our academics and sports programmes, adjusting our focus, adding in new options designed to meet the needs of today’s techno friendly students,” she said.  

“Ipads for both teachers and students will take our educational program to another level next year. 

“Our limited student body enables us to be nimble and to embrace new opportunities, to work with students on their college applications one-on-one and from an earlier start point.  

Not everyone will go to Harvard or Yale, but we believe every student should strive for college and we work hard to find a personal fit for each individual.  

The results have been impressive, and are reflected in the breadth of our college acceptances, which span the globe.” 

“In addition such is the athletic success of our current and former students (several of whom have achieved prominence in the NBA, The Nationals and the Olympics), that our athletics department, despite its small size, is held in high esteem by college coaches across the USA.” 

Florida Air Academy representatives will be in Grand Cayman, 14-15 April at the Sunshine Suites Resort, and at Cayman Brac on 16 April at the Layman Scott High School.  

Parents with boys and girls 6th through 12th grade are invited to join a series of informal seminars designed to 
provide further information on an education at FAA. 


Contact Cheryl Jones at 
321-723-3211 for information regarding time and venue.


*Editor’s note: This story has been corrected from the original.

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