Editorial for 10 April: It's time to discuss trash

It’s time to quit kvetching under the Almond Tree and over
the talk show airwaves about the proposed plans to plop the dump in the
District of Bodden Town and take some tangible action.

A draft study of the environmental impact a dump would have
on Bodden Town is now in the public domain and awaiting comment.

People have three weeks – until 29 April – to offer their
views on the proposed waste management site slated for the Midland Acres area.

To read the 336-page Bodden Town environmental impact study,
please click here.

Next week two open houses will be held – one in Bodden Town
and the other at Elmslie Memorial United Church – so that people with questions
about the study can ask them and talk with representatives from Cardno ENTRIX,
the consultants who did the study, Dart, which paid for the study, and people
from the Department of Environment.

We would also hope that those vying for seats in the
Legislative Assembly in the 22 May General Election would also attend the
public meetings.

The George Town Landfill and possible relocation of the dump
that serves Grand Cayman to Bodden Town will be a political hot potato.

Candidates are going to have to tell voters their true thoughts
about the whole issue. Anyone who sits on the fence on this and other important
issues in the Cayman Islands isn’t being honest with voters and constituents.

Everyone who lives on Grand Cayman should take part in this
time of public comment and open meetings; it’s not just a Bodden Town or George
Town issue – it’s an Island issue.

And it’s not just an issue between voters and candidates.
Mount Trashmore, which is visible to our visitors coming in on cruise ships, is
a disgrace to our country and something has to be done with it.

That means the dump has to go somewhere on Grand Cayman. We
can’t simply put our garbage on a barge and ship it to another jurisdiction.
Decisions have to be made, but made with facts and the only way you’ll get them
is by participating in the discussions.



  1. The dump current location is an industrial zone. Why start another dump in a pristine location like
    Midland Acres. The most viable solution is to get rid of the problems where they are now, and eliminate future problems of trash accumulating with a waste to energy plant. Call it a war on trash, and taxes are needed to fight the war. Out of sight out mind is no way to solve anything. Barge the trash from Cayman Brac an Little Cayman to feed the fire, and eliminate their problems also.

  2. Regardless of the dump, mandatory recycling needs to be instituted and unfortunately it seems to be lost in the country’s consciousness which baffles me.
    It saddens me that politicians seem to be pandering to voter bias and nimby regarding this environmental time bomb instead of making tough decisions.
    Now with government finances in such a dire situation options such a 100 million waste energy plant are off the table as where will the money come from?

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