Fives league will kick off in June

The five-a-side football season at King’s Sports Centre has been another resounding success and as it wraps up its playoffs, teams are already being invited to register for the new one a couple of months away.

The campaign finishes on 15 May and the start of the new five-a-side season for the summer begins on 10 June.

The first place winners of the playoffs will receive a grand prize trophy, as well as a $500 tab at the bar of their choice.

A representative from King’s will notify the bar of choice for each of the winning teams and a cheque will be made out to that location and delivered so that the team may use their tab whenever they desire. All three teams will also be featured in the Caymanian Compass.

A special plaque will be placed on the wall at King’s Sports Centre with the winners of each division.

Registration deadline for everything to be submitted is 27 May. There will be no exceptions made to this deadline for registration after that date. Fee for the season is $1,350 per team.

The schedule will be sent out to all team captains on 3 June. There will also be a mandatory captains meeting on 5 June at 6pm.

If the team captain is not able to attend, a representative from the team will be required to be present. If a representative/captain is not present, the team will be removed from the league. If this should happen, they will be refunded $1,250 as a $100 admin fee will be charged.

An email will be sent out on a later date to all team captains reminding them of the meeting.

For any issues during the season, Dave McLean and Andre Morgan are the reps to contact on [email protected] and [email protected], respectively.

For all registration issues, contact Alyssa Christian on [email protected]

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