Financial services key messages training returns

For anyone who has ever been asked “Isn’t the Cayman Islands where the rich dodge taxes?” and not had the facts at hand to adequately respond, Bodden Compliance & Training and Fountainhead Business Development have teamed up once again to offer their Financial Services Key Messages Training session. 

Two sold-out sessions were held last November and further requests for more sessions prompted the firms to offer it again. The session will be held on Friday, 12 April at Grand Pavilion between 9am and noon and will cover topics such as why Cayman is good for business and consumers, international regulations and tax transparency, why tax competition is healthy and what industry watchdogs have to say about Cayman. 

“There is a significant demand from people who work in the financial services industry to be well-armed with facts when responding to criticism about the Cayman Islands,” said Denise Gower of Fountainhead. 

“The mainstream media has had its way with providing inaccurate and misleading information for a very long time and the more readily available the facts are, the more easily people here can respond in a positive way.” 

Angela Mele of Bodden Compliance & Training, who designed the training session, said people learn best when material is presented in an interactive way. “Our course encourages attendees to discuss the issues that are timely to the jurisdiction and the style of delivery will assists those attending to retain and apply what they have learned at a later date.” 

The course is accredited by the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists and is valid for two credits. 


To register for the event, email [email protected] or call 749-8188. 

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